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Getting a Little Frustrated...

Posted by MikeDiesel on Mar 11, 2009 10:43:17 AM

The Temecula/Murrieta, CA area is a super clean family oriented community which I am happy to live in. The weather is always within a few degrees of San Diego and it's pretty easy to stay active outdoors. The only issue is that it is a growing community and a lot of the conveniences that more developed areas have have simply not been built yet. Below is a couple complaints.


-- Lack of pools: Their is literally less than 5 pools in this area that are even semi-accessible to the public. 2 are at other gyms that I don't have a membership to, 1 is at a swim training facility which you have to be taking lessons at to access it, another is a community pool that is open to the public that's always a mess. Which leaves me with my only real option that is the pool at 24 hour fitness. There I can use their 25m, 5 lane pool with my membership. Unfortunately, I have to wait until after 9:30 PM during the week to even be gauaranteed a lane to swim in. Ahhhh!!!





    • Not many bike lanes: This area is growing way faster than the current road system can handle which leaves everyone on bikes fighting for a piece of the road with all of the cars. Their is one particular scary 2 mile stretch that I have to ride on almost every time I go on a ride. On this particular stretch, it is a two lane road with no divider, no bike lane, a speed limit of 50mph (which is usually 60), a shoulder that conisists of loose dirt that leads into a barbwire fence, and rolling hills which help to abstruct driver's vision. One of my favorite loops through the wine country is almost as bad and that's a shame because less experienced cyclicts don't even atempt this ride and its gotta be one of the most scenic loops in the area. Look for a couple video and picture blogs that should be coming soon showing the Ups and Downs of Riding in the 951.


I hope a member of the Temecula/Murrieta City Councils gets a hold of this blog and addresses these issues before I lose my mind.



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