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Posted by stesaunde on Mar 20, 2009 9:37:08 AM

I had running shoes on yesterday when I found myself stranded with some friends on the side of the road after the car we were in broke down.  We had just met at a parking lot that was now on the other side of the freeway from us where we had left another car.  As it only seemed like a couple of miles I offered to run and grab the other car and said I'd be back in 20 minutes.  It was much further then I expected but there was a nice 5% grade in my favor for the last bit.  When I got to the car I calculated that 21 minutes had passed so with driving I figured 25 minutes had passed by the time I got back.  According to google maps that stretch of road is 3.8 miles.  We weren't quite to the entrance of Micron so I'd round down to at least 3.5 but that doesn't sound quite right so 24 minutes would probably be a safer bet.  A 7 to 8 minute/mile pace sounds feasible.  


Anyway, it was a fun way to get in what turned out to be my only work out for the day as by the time we ate, finished our activity and got the car pulled down the same route I ran and then some with a tow rope ... let's just say I missed the Orem rec closing time of 10pm.  Don't worry though, I got up and played basketball at 6:30 this morning so I'm not a complete slacker.

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