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I Finally Get It

Posted by MikeDiesel on Mar 27, 2009 10:26:51 AM

Let me go ahead an lay out my progression in the swim starting in January and going through March.




    • January: This was a tough month and almost broke my spirit in even doing the triathlon. I am extremely competitive and just could not do the swim where as the run and bike I was doing well with. I flopped around the pool struggling through every day I had to jump in the pool and perform the training program laid out for me. I had no sort of breathing technique and I could barely do a 75m freestyle(and that was right when I hopped in the pool).




    • February: Things started to look positive. I was making progress and the drills seemed to be helping, but not a whole lot. I also could not stand the drills because I could barely do them without stopping and catching my breath. The kick drill was a nightmare too and seemed to really get my shin splints going. By the end of this month I had progressed on my freestyle, but only to 200m when I was fresh. I had to switch to the breast stroke after that so I could catch my breath. My breathing technique was starting to form and I was taking a breath every third stroke.


-- March: I had started completing all of the swim drills, but I felt like the progress on my freestyle swim was about maxed out because I just kept running out of breath. This was pretty important because my breast stroke was signifigantly important and I knew the only way I was going to be competitive at the Wildflower was to get better at the freestyle swim. After watching other people swim, I decided to changemy breathing to every other stroke. That was the trick! Now I can do all of my swim training in freestyle mode and don't have to switch to the breast stroke.




I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that I can focus on my swim technique without having to worry so much about suffocating from lack oxygen. April isgoing to be a good month. 



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