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Recovery Supplements

Posted by MikeDiesel Apr 2, 2009


I haven't done too much experimenting with supplements during my tri-training other than energy gels before and during the longer runs and bike rides. However, right before my big ride on Sunday, I started taking L-Glutamine again. This is one of the only supplements I have ever taken and when I took it previously it was during weight training where I used it to speed musclre recovery. Knowing that it probably could not hurt to take something that sped muscle recovery, I decided to get back on the program for this last month before the wildflower. Unlike other supplements, L-Glutamine does not make you feel all wound up, bloated, experience anxiety, etc. In fact, you don't even really notice it working until you realize you are not near as sore as you should be.



Anyways,  I've had nothing but positive effects from the L-Glutamine and I really wanted to know if there were any negatives that I was unaware of. I'd also like to know more info on other supplements that could be beneficial to my training as I get ready to peak before the Wildflower.



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Still Inside

Posted by stesaunde Apr 2, 2009


Not that I could compete with Mike if I wanted to but we're still getting snowed on here so I've still been spinning in the gym for my bike rides.  A 100 miler does sound tempting though - but there's no way I'll be doing 116 miles! - if I do a hundred miler it's going to be a hundred miles and that's it.



The one advantage to spinning in a gym that I've found is I can read a book while I ride.  Yesterday, I experienced the fastest hour of spinning ever as I got into the book I was reading and barely noticed the time pass.  I was able to maintain good rpms too.  I'm seriously considering trying out reading while running on a treadmill - of course, I've only used a treadmill once so far and I'm not used to them - at the same time it seems like it'd be easier than reading while running around a track.  Do those eliptical machines count as running?  At least on those there wouldn't be any chance of getting blasted into the wall.  Maybe it's time I start looking into audio books.  



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