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The Countdown Starts

Posted by MikeDiesel Apr 27, 2009

I pretty much wrapped up my training this past Wednesday before I left on my vacation to Costa Rica. Things were super hectic before I left on this trip, but I did manage to get all of my training done and test all my equipment before taking off. Here's a little recap of how the the end of my training wrapped up.



-- I recieved my wetsuit and decided to try it on an 1800m open ocean swim which which was by far the hardest swim I have ever done. The first  half of the swim was **** and I was having some serious issues calming down and just swimming. The cold water, rolling waves, and the suit all combined made it a character building experience. By the end of the swim, I did feel comfortable and really happy that I decided to test it out before the tri.



-- After the above mentioned swim, I set out on a 30 mile ride with some huge hills at a race pace. I pushed it really hard and averaged 20.5 mph. This was great, but I really did not leave anything in my legs for the run I was going to do after it.



-- I attempted to do a 6 mile run right after the bike and got a 1/2 mile into it and completely fell to pieces. I ended up walking/running 2 miles total before giving up. This was a pretty devastating experience as I was almost postive that I would be fine for this portion and I did not even have the strength in me to walk the complete 6 mile course. I was starting to question how I would do at the wildflower...



-- 4 days after my defeat, I set out on a 20 mile bike ride and 5.5 mile run with a goal to make sure I ran the whole run. I averaged 18.5 mph on the bike and did the run in about 50 minutes. This made me feel much better and I was stoked on this result. Now I was back to feeling ready and able to complete the wildflower. I needed that!



-- I got some experts to help me figure out what mutritional supplements I would need at the tri. They loaded me up with hammer gels, salt stick tcapsules, electrolyte tablets, and bock breakers. I have used all of these things a few times and the bock breakers and salt stick capsules seemt to be what I value the most.



-- Had the local bike shop tune my bike and get it race ready. They tightened up my shifters, gave me new handlebar tape, adjusted my brakes, and detailed it. She's ready to rumble.

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