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Back on course

Posted by stesaunde May 20, 2009

I just registered for the Jordanelle Triathlon on Saturday, August 22nd.  My training has seriously fallen apart without a triathlon registration hanging over my head.  I planned on competing in a triathlon on June 20th but I never got around to signing up and somehow there is a difference:)  I never have been a big one for race registrations but I think this transition period between races is proof that an organized race does motivate me to work out and prepare for it.  I've always liked to think that the decision to exercise is motivation enough but why make it harder than it needs to be?  I've reset for the end of the summer to give myself plenty of time to ramp back up and do it right.  I'm still in better shape than I was before I started training but I want to be top notch by the end of the summer and I'm thinking this competition waiting for me will help me get into the training groove.  My diet has also suffered - I have ice-cream in my freezer again and I've been eating hamburgers like they won't slow me down - I never noticed before but eating healthy does make a difference in how I feel.  Looks like I'll be having salad for lunch today.  The most exciting part about training now is that the weather is good so I don't have to spin or run indoors!

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