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Triathlons are for Swimmers

Posted by stesaunde Aug 24, 2009

So I did an olympic tri and I'm still alive!  There were some parts in that swim where I was starting to wonder.  The funny part is during the swim I was thinking - I can't wait till I get to the bike - that'll be a breeze.  I didn't count on spending my all in the swim:)  So an hour and 5 minutes later I finally get out of the water and attempt to jog to the transition area when I realize I'm just lucky to be able to stand up so I settled for walking.  That's about when I realize that my bum and the back of my thighs were hurting worse then they ever have from biking and this was before I even got on my bike!  Not a fun realization to have.  It also doesn't help moral to have someone (probably a medic) follow you into the transition area to ask you if you're alright.  Of course, after having been asked that steadily for the last hour from all the lifeguards I was kind of used to brushing off the question by then.  So I get on my bike and took what I thought was a fair pace until some of the girls from the sprint that started a half hour after my event started passing me and I realized that my pace may not have been that good after all.  This is about the same time I started wondering how much of an advantage their racing bikes gave them over my mountain bike.  The first half was mostly uphill and then the way back was downhill.  At the turn around I felt my first burst of energy since the swim - the realization that gravity was now going to help me on the way back.  So the second half of the bike I started to feel better, except for the fact that my back and neck were killing me not to mention my legs.  In fact, my feet were hurting in ways I never thought possible from biking.  For the first time ever I was looking forward to running over biking.  Maybe those are the first signs of insanity.  An hour and 50 minutes later I came in from the bike to see one of my friends (a girl) already finished and standing with the spectators:)  That felt really good to know that she was done and I still had to run 6 miles.  Starting the run was agonizing.  Let's be honest it was more of a jog.  Of course, somewhere in there before I ever got to the race I had decided I wanted to run the whole way so I did.  There was a bunch of times where a walk just seemed like it would be such a nice relief but after a while I started seeing some mile signs pass by and I even started to pass other people and I realized that my pathetic pace was actually paying off.  The best part was when I passed another guy doing the olympic and realized that I wouldn't be in last place after all.  No the best part was just before the finish line when I realized I really was going to reach my goal of running the whole way without stopping.  There was also a guy that finished just in front of me so I at least had a little bit of company.  Turns out the run took me an hour and 5 minutes as well and surprisingly took about as much will power as the swim.  The crazy part is despite the added aches from biking and running I really felt better after the bike and after the run then I did after the swim.  It was almost like the bike and run helped me recover from a really bad swimming experience.  Overall it took me just over 4 hours and 14 minutes with transitions of over 5 minutes a piece.  A pitiful score I know but at least now I can say I've done a triathlon.

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