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Yesterday I went swiming and then running. Although i was really tired and did not want to run after the swim i forced myself to do it. I was astonished when i realized that i could keep running and running. I think all this training is paying off. Lately, I have realized  that i can keep going ,not at the fastest of paces, even when i am extremly tired. I also glad because i feel i have more energy during day (which i dont really know if it is  a good thing, since i try to do more things and get tired by the time i am supposed to excercise.) I am really looking forward to excercising tonight !!!!

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this week was a good week for me until i hurt my left foot running. I dont know what really happened, the only thing i remember is that i went swimming and afterwards running on wednesday night, i came back home and went to bed. I got up as usual and when i tried to step on my left foot i felt this excrutiating pain  on the left side of my foot. It was not fun, although the pain has faded away somewhat i still have feel pain now and then. I hope is nothing serious. I was not able to workout yesterday, so hopefully i will be able to make up for it today.





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so i went swimming yesterday night but it was hard, Although i have improved a lot in the las couple of months, i still feel i am doing something wrong. i can do the rest of the training no problem but swimming its hard, i really need to practice a lot more or change something if i want to be competitive on the race. I have read the articles posted by Gale but i guess i am not following them correctly. Or maybe i need to have to more swimming training sessions. would that be a good idea? oh man !!!



Sorry for bringing up my frustration on this blog, I guess i can only keep trying....and it is good to know to know today is rest day i really need it

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I am Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by javierleiva Feb 12, 2009

The last 3 weeks i went to Peru, the country i was born in and where lived before comming to USA at age 16. It has been 8 years since i left my country, I was not really planning on going until after the race but some major family reasons forced me to go earlier than expected. While in Peru i tried to train as much as i could but to be honest i was not able to do much. I came back and started training again 3 days ago, it was hard the first day because my body had lost conditioning but yesterday night i had a much better workout that  reassured me i will be ready for the competition on may.








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Posted by javierleiva Jan 15, 2009

During the last couple of  weeks i have been trying to keep up with the training. Everything seemed great until the swimming part,that is when i started to question if i had made the right decision by attempting to  train for a thriathlon. When i got into the pool for the first time i said to myself i can do this, after a lap or two, i was so tired i wanted to quit right there.


Since that sad moment i felt i have improved, and i even feel i can do this. Swimming still remains the hardest part of the training but now i  have hope!!!!!  



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Javier Leiva : Introduction

Posted by javierleiva Dec 30, 2008

I remember watching an online video of a thriathlon a couple month ago and thinking - 'i can do that.'  Well, here I am training for one. When i decided to accept the 'Get Active Challenge' all seemed fun and easy, it turns out it is not as easy but sure is fun. I love challenges and physically this is going to be my greatest challenge so far.


I work with Steve Sunders in Utah and like him my biggest challenge is going to be swimming. I don't think i have ever tried to swim for that long at once. So naturally, swimming is going to be my main area of focus. If i survive the swim, i will probably finish the race 




I dont think running is going to be much of a problem, i love playing soccer and usually run a lot. So my goal for running is to keep a decent pace (not as fast as an ethiopian, but close. lol  ), which is going to be hard after biking and swimming.




i love riding my bike although i have never attempted riding it wearing those tight clothes you see on the tour of france. I think that is going to be a different experience for me.




The bottom line is that i am excited about this and will give it my best



















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