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Who Wants to Get Active: Team First Triathlon

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Three good things

Posted by danger prone Jan 26, 2009


Gale thanks for the post about the rules and regulations. Very helpful.



Last week Gale asked us to talk about three positive things about our training. I had just returned from a ski vacation at the time, so I figured I would wait until I could reflect on a full week of training.



1.) Completing a half-marathon. OK, so this wasn't part of the training program and looking back, I'm lucky I didn't hurt myself. It was a major confidence booster, however, so maybe the risk was worth it afterall. I know I can run 13 miles. I know I can be out there having fun for more than two hours. Priceless in my eyes.



2.) Learning a new virtue: patience. I was patient enough to allow for proper recovery from my half-marathon. Patience isn't always my strong point. This was a big step forward for me. I forced myself to take a few days off and it made all the difference.



3.) Clipless pedals don't scare me. I am slowly gaining confidence on my bike and clipless pedals. I no longer feel as if I am locked into a speeding death trap. And that's a good thing. No more falls either!



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Random acts of running

Posted by danger prone Jan 20, 2009


I am typically a controlled person. I do - on occasion - act impulsively. This weekend, as my husband, Adrian, and I traveled to Phoenix for the P.F. Chang's Rock n' Roll marathon, was one of those times.


Adrian was signed up for the marathon and I planned to cheer him on somewhere along the route and take photos of the event. We walked into the expo to pick up his race packet with thousands of other participants. As we passed by the registration table, he turned to me and said, "So, are you going to sign up for the half?"


Maybe it was seeing all of those psyched up people getting ready for race day. Maybe it was the free shots of cytomax and other running booty we received. Whatever it was, I found myself signing up for the half marathon within 15 minutes of Adrian's question. I figured, why not? I've hiked more than 13 miles in a day. I don't have to run the whole thing.


Here's how it went: Race day was great. It was an early start, but I slept well and really wasn't nervous because, quite frankly, I didn't have time to think about it. The marathoners left first at 7:40 a.m. The half marathoners - more than 21,000 of us - left at 8:30 a.m. The half marathon had a corral start, which meant I didn't cross the start line until 9 a.m.


I kept it slow. Real slow. I ran the whole way, only walking through the aid stations and once for a much needed port-a-pottie break at mile 5. I finished in 2 hours and 31 minutes. Adrian finished the marathon in 3 hours and 39 minutes. Clearly, he is a stronger runner.


Post race: I am sore in my quads and my left foot feels bruised. I wonder if I had my shoe tied too tightly?



I guess this fulfills my long run for the week, right Gale?  



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