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Who Wants to Get Active: Team First Triathlon

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On New Year's Eve, I was shocked, surprised, elated. Anything else? Oh yeah, I think I may have cried. But before I start talking about my amazing bike given to me by my crafty husband, let's back up a bit.



My husband and I have talked about buying a bike for awhile and long before I decided to train for my first triathlon. Ultimately, we decided to wait. Or so I thought. Then came New Year's, the new bike sitting on our porch and the celebrating, tears etc. Two days later I was properly fitted and added clipless pedals (which actually means you're snapped into the pedals).



I was ready. I clipped in and took off. I started practicing clipping in and unclipping. I slowly began to brake, unclipped my right foot and came to stop. And then - for reasons I'm not entirely clear on - I attempted to step down with my left foot, which was still clipped in. Gravity won.


I love my bike. I'm going to have to work on my relationship with my pedals. My plan is to get on the bike everyday for a brief period of time just to practice clipping in and out and, of course, stopping safely.



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