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Who Wants to Get Active: Team First Triathlon

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Triathlon's mini me

Posted by danger prone Apr 7, 2009


I have less than a month to go before Wildflower. This is scary for me and, of course, a little exciting. I've recently become obsessed with brick workouts because I figure this is really the only way to be prepared.



The online training program Gale provided us is chalked full of brick workouts. Today, for example I am supposed to swim and then do a speed running workout. I've been trying to push these two workouts as close together as possible in an effort to recreate a triathlon experience. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way on occasion and I've miss one part of the workout.



The other day I decided to create a mini tri for myself. I even set up fake transition areas. I swam the full 1.5 km, then changed clothes and rehydrated - this took four and a half minutes - and then jumped on the bike. Normally, I would cycle outside, but it has been annoyingly windy and I opted to ride indoors. I cycled 10 miles, then went over to the treadmill and ran three miles. My bike-to-run transition was two minutes because I casually filled my water bottle, stretched and then walked over to the treadmill.



Obviously not a full triathlon. At Wildflower I would have another 15 miles on the bike and three more miles running. The good news is, I felt OK.



I'm going to have to prepare and test out different types of energy bars or snacks for my transition. I am always famished when I finish my swim.  I've also discovered that my foot strike on the treadmill is different than when I run outdoors. I seem to strike on my heel instead of more flatfooted and it causes my shins to get super tight. I spent considerable time stretching afterwards and the next day felt pretty good. Not sore, just a bit tired in the legs.



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Last week ended on a high note with my long bike ride. The day after I flew out to New Jersey to visit some family. I knew it would be difficult to get a swim or cycle in. I packed my running shoes in hopes of logging some much needed miles in even though I knew my schedule would be packed with family visits and work.



I've laid off running for a few weeks because of the lingering tenderness in my right knee. The pain finally subsided and I've been ramping up up running regiment ever since.  I had hoped to get a few long runs in during my five days back East. My first monring I woke up and the snow was already falling. A Noreaster hit that night, 10 inches of snow fell and my choices were immediately cut down to a treadmill in the hotel.



I can't complain. When I lived in Wisconsin the only option during the winter months was a treadmill or braving the cold and snow. My short time back in the desert has made me soft, so I stuck to running indoors. I managed two runs, which were a struggle because they were boring.



I can't write enough about how hard it is to stay on task while traveling. It's been my biggest hurdle to date. Luckily, I have avoided sickness. Everytime my schedule shifts - even one day trips away from home - my training seems to slip.



So what do all of you do when you're traveling with little more than a pair of running shoes?  And how do you get those necessary workouts in when you're traveling on business and are limited by a tight schedule or the weather?



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