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Yesterday was quite a milestone for me... it was one year ago on christmas day that I last ate fast food.  Now, for a lot of people who are usually active this isn't really a big deal.  You don't even find the thought of fast food to be very appetizing.  Well, not so for me. 



I grew up in a town that was 45 minutes from any fast food restaurants (as well as any stoplights), so McDonalds and Taco Bell were always a treat when we were away from home.  Well, then I moved to the big city where drivethroughs lined every street and  that treat was much closer at hand. 



My biggest weakness was breakfast... I mean where else can you get your coffee, a breakfast sandwich and some sort of potato for less than $5?  So, at the end of last year I made a goal to give it up, and I'm here to say I made it. Afterall that I missed it much less than I thought I would, so I doubt that I'll be heading back much now that my goal is complete. 



When I started the goal it looked very daunting... a year is a really long time.  There are a lot of times in life we think we just can't wait for someone to actually make our food, but then I started planning ahead a lot more... making sure I always packed a lunch or had something available in the freezer at work.  My friends all knew about my goal so they never suggested we meet at anywhere that I considered fast food. 



Basically, I feel a lot better, and I know that I have the strength to reach my goals.  As I start this new upcoming year I hope that my new goal, to Get Active, is as successful as this past year has been. 



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