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Movin' right along...

Posted by JewylA on Dec 30, 2008 5:15:03 PM


Ok, so it's week one and I just finished my second workout... on Saturday I did my first work out while at my dad's house in Austin Texas... and lets just say, they don't call it "Hill Country" for nothing.  My workout was up and down and up and down, and to do my first jog up hill was a little more grueling than it should be.  Today I did my second workout near home in San Diego, and it was SO much better.  Working out in a flat area is probably the way to go if you're a rookie like me.  It'll be a while before I'm truly ready to run the hill country again. 


As I get myself going I have a few questions for Dave our rookie runner training guru:



1. Can you reccomend a stretching routine we can follow before each run?  I've been stretching before each one, but I always feel like I may have forgotten to stretch something or other.  Also... should we just stretch before or should we also stretch after the workout.





2. I love to swim for an aerobic workout, so if I'm interested in doing that once or twice a week should I do that instead of my scheduled workout or in addition to the scheduled workout?





I also have a few questions for our Nutritionist, Nancy:





1. We recieved a workout guide, but will we get a nutrition guide as well?  I know there are a zillion different ideas of what kind of diet to follow, and I was wondering about your recomendations.   Should I worry about fats, carbs, saturated fats, calories, food groups, all of the above or something else?





2. I love to bake and I've been experimenting with using splenda to either halve or replace the sugar in some recipes.  What is your opinion on Splenda and/or other sweeteners?





Thanks everyone! 








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