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My Tale of Woe/I'm Moving Slow...

Posted by RonnieFR on Jan 28, 2009 5:06:21 PM


I'm being punished for being too cocky.  I was so proud that I've been keeping up with workouts and steadily improving.   Last Saturday I went to the gym, started my training on the treadmill, and my left knee began to hurt.  I'm no stranger to bum knees (I currently  have TWO tears in my left meniscus), but I really thought that through strengthening and some PT I was back to nearly 100%.  Dead wrong.  I had to cut my workout short - only completed about half.  Then, feeling a little bit better in the afternoon, I did some weight training and (stupidly) included some rope jumping and other leg exercises.  Here it is Wednesday, still in pain and walking like I'm 95.  I hobbled into my miracle-working chiropractor and his staff of therapists on Monday and Tuesday, I've had ice on my knee, it's wrapped and swollen and maybe only a tiny bit better than at the beginning of the week.  I can barely walk, let alone jog.  I go back to Dr. Tom tomorrow. 



In the meantime, I called my ortho just to get a quick check to see what the deal was and he's on vacation until next Thursday.  Smart man.  However, I got a call back from his assistant who proceeded to lecture me and told me how I'd never get back to 100% and that I really need surgery.  She mumbled something about quality of life as I was thinking about how long I have until our 5K.  Last summer was when I injured my knee and through strengthening and PT I was able to recover to the point that I thought I had "healed".  So I have faith that if I take if easy for a while, keep the ice on it, then ease back into exercising I'll be OK. 



Still looking forward to my first (and maybe my only) 5K.  In the meantime, I think I'll focus on losing a few more pounds.  That has to help, right?  Moral of my story:  Don't wait until you're in your 50s to get serious about exercise!!!



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