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I'm Done

Posted by RonnieFR on Feb 9, 2009 6:17:33 PM

That's right - I'm done hobbling around!!! YAY!! I can't say that I'm 100% but the knee injury that had me sidelined for two weeks has FINALLY gotten better. It seemed like I turned the corner last Wednesday. I was finally able to put my shoes on without tears and I could get through the day without some painkillers (OK - maybe that was cheating, but too bad!). I kept up with PT, ice, and rest. For nearly two solid weeks I didn't do anything (unless hobbling is an exercise), and finally last Friday night I couldn't take it so I did some weight lifting at home, some calf raises and just got some blood moving again. Saturday at PT, I hit the bike for some no-impact cardio and I was able to get through it without pain.


Today was the 'big day' for me because I had an ortho appointment. I believe now, seriously, that the way to heal any injury is to make an appointment with a doctor - by the time you get in to see the doc you're almost completely healed. I've been worrying that he was going to tell me I need surgery now, and I've been asking everyone how long it would take me to recuperate - "Can I have surgery now and recovery to run by May?". One 'visiting' doc at the chiro said - "It depends on what May you're talking about." - which sort of bummed me out. Luckily for me, my very-cool ortho, who is almost like Dr. House but a bit funnier, is pretty conservative and HONEST. We both know that I'll have to have surgery sometime, but apparently he doesn't think I'll do more damage to my medial meniscus tear (I finally asked him what it was) and I can have surgery after the run if I need it. He said that he really "supported my goal" of running the 5K. I got a cortisone shot (wow - now THAT hurts), did a full weight workout (but took it easy), and went to PT/chiro.


So tomorrow is the BIG RETURN to training. I think I'll take it easy for awhile to see how it goes - some of my hesitancy may be psychological now. Since I've missed the last two weeks of the longer runs, I'm going to go back to where I left off (or even a bit before) and start working up from there again. Good idea, Coach? I'll be a couple weeks behind everyone, and I may be bringing up the rear of the 5K in May, but I have 3 good months to work on it. And there's always next year to improve my time.



Go Rookie Runners!!



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