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Running to the ends of the earth

Posted by JewylA on Feb 18, 2009 2:27:07 PM

That's what it felt like last week one day.  Let's just say, if you don't know where the path is going to take you, turn around halfway through your journey.


I was up visiting someone in San Marcos, and I decided to go for my run.  I got my tennies on, and I  headed for the road.  On my right I went by a giant barn that was in a community park, and past it there was a nice paved trail. Great!  I thought, and on I went.  Well... that's where the problem started.  I just ran and ran... and the way the trail wound around I thought it would be heading back to the road.  Turns out I was WRONG.  Eventually I turned to the right at the end of the trail, and I followed a car into one of those gated communities...sure that there must be a way out back towards where I came from.  Well, I was wrong, and I proceeded to go to the end of all the roads only to find out that there were no other roads out.... and there were a LOT of hills.  Finally I realized  that I would just have to go back the way I came... yep more hills.  Suddenly the sun began to set, and I was out in my tank top and capri running pants, and I was not a happy camper.



Back up the path I went... in the cold and the dark (and it's scary to be in a park in the dark all alone). 



Ultimately my 25 minute jog turned into more than an hour of wandering before I got back to the warmth... so let this be a lesson to everyone.  Now I can see that our pedometers need one more function... a GPS!    I guess I should have taken my garmin along for the ride.



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