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Weekend Update

Posted by RonnieFR on Feb 21, 2009 6:56:37 PM


Yes, I'm plagiarizing the title from my favorite SNL segment.  Unfortunately, my update is not as entertaining ("Really?  Really?").   This week was a back-to-normal, no injury, no drama week.  I have myself on what I think is a pretty good schedule: running on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday; weight training Monday and Thursday; glorious rest on Wednesday and Saturday.  Since returning from my knee injury, I found that this works the best for me - I don't overdue it on any day and I need the two days of rest.  The day that I blew out my knee was the last day of an active week, and one where I packed in running and weight training.  So that's a no-no for now. 



I was looking forward to running outside again this week, but the weather has just been too cold and windy.  Sunny, high 30s/low 40s, little wind I can take - windy, wind chill in the 20s, dreary, not so much.  Tomorrow I was looking forward to a nice run through town, but we're supposed to get snow overnight so it may be back on the treadmill again. I'm actually looking forward to getting outside and running the ‘circle' which is a bit over 2 miles.  I hope I do well and I hope lots of people see me - LOL!!  But, come on, get warmer!!



Summary for Coach Dave:  I'm still entering my runs in the training log because I like the way it calculates my time and can give me a monthly summary.  This week I did my three runs, 30 minutes each.  And when I say run, I mean run/walk.  I'm still a real rookie yet on doing those longer segments.  Friday I felt really tired and it showed in my running time.  Two days of weight training - 45 minutes each with a personal trainer. 



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