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The ultimate Ultimate Frisbee

Posted by JewylA on Mar 23, 2009 2:39:28 PM


Ok, so I've only gone on 2 jogs here so far, but the amount of exercise I'm getting really helps to lessen my guilt.  I walk a TON around town, and often I'll go for a beach walk with another ex-pat (that's non-sierra leonian...usually NGO worker or something like that).  




If you're ever in freetown, Saturday mornings at about 930 or 10, a group of ex-pats and some locals they work with come down to lumley beach for a game of Ultimate Frisbee.   Now, imagine a hot African sun and a big patch of sand and a frisbee... it's monday and I'm definitely still sore.  We played for about an hour...running back and forth across the sand.  These african boys are fast and not very bothered by the sun...keeping up with them wasn't my goal..not dying from heatstroke was much more important.  (although I almost passed out from that today but that's another story).



Basically, I'm trying to at least keep my heart rate up for an hour or so every day, so I'm pretty happy with the amount of walking I've been doing.  Tomorrow we leave here to go to Senegal, where I've heard there's a park near by where we're staying for us to go for a run.   I'm definitely packing my tennies.



Now, I know there's a bit of a competition as to who has the best encouragement story, so I'm working on my mom.  She's got a reputation for never wanting to do any excersise here, so I'm going to be working on her over the next few weeks so I can get her going.  Also, Michael, if you're reading this, you need to get in gear so our Wedding pics look fantastic!  You're my other target so get into gear! 



That's it for now.  Signing off from Freetown.






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