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Endurance blast 5-09-09

Posted by JoeDecker on Jun 9, 2009 9:43:32 AM

Today we did a middle distance blast. Nothing fancy, but very effective if you want to stay truly 'full body fit.' Remember, fitness by definition is cardio endurance, muscular endurance & strength, flexibility and your body fat composition. To have well rounded cardio endurance, I like to incorporate hills & stairs, speed work, tempo runs, fartleks and the list goes on. This morning we hit some middle distance speed pace work followed by calisthenics:


  • warm-up x 800 meters or half mile

  • timed mile - about 80-90%

  • 2 min rest

  • timed half mile - 80-90%

  • 2 min rest

  • another timed mile - goal to match or get better time than first!

  • 2 min rest

  • 50 alternating step-ups

  • 15 side step-ups *each leg

  • 15 single leg squats with hop *each leg

  • 15 front step-ups *each leg

  • 15 partner hamstring falls

  • 5-10 minutes of stretching



It's a great workout but you got to get after it. Will definitely help you increase your race times and also lose weight. Fat does not like speed!haha...Enjoy!



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