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Posted by ami9167 on Dec 20, 2010 5:42:07 AM

Control weight gain during holidays is the biggest challenge in  anybody's life. We normally forget our daily routine and tends to do  whatever we feel like doing.There are a lot of other factors that can  affect how our body holds on to fat cells during the holiday season.  Below are the some points which we have to remember during holiday  season as a precautionary measures in order to control weight gain.

Stress –  The holiday season can be crazy stressful.  Even if it’s a season you  enjoy, we’re traveling, seeing family, or just out of our normal  routine.  When you are stressed out, your body responds to that stress  physically and emotionally.  Our brains often stimulate us to ease these  kinds of stress through food.  Make sure to take time for yourself or  set aside time specifically for relaxing. Try to take about 30 to 60  minutes to read or play a game with your family or friend .

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