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Posted by ami9167 on Dec 30, 2010 1:49:21 AM

once upon a time there was a little chubby girl (me) who had 170 lbs, and decided that she needed to lose some weight, here's how she did it. this really works, and its not to crazy like starving and stuff, at one point i had 131 lbs, and now after 4 years i have 140 so its not like a yoyo diet. its pretty much 4 days that repeat themselves, small errors are ok, like if you eat a little more, or if you queeze something your not supposed to in. here it goes:

Day 1: 2 fruits for breakfast(they have to be the same fruit, like 2 apples, 2 oranges, if your eating berries then 2 cup fulls), lunch-300 gr of meat(baked, grilled or cooked), salad, 1 slice of bread, and soup(you can change the meat for 2 boiled eggs, like if you dont wanna make a meal or dont have time), dinner 150 gr of meat baked, cooked, or grilled, salad, no bread, no soup(u can substitute 150 gr meat for 1 hard boiled egg)

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