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Snake Dance in the Southwest

Posted by mike_cramton on Oct 5, 2007 3:30:00 PM

I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, graduating from Booker T. Washington high school class of '91 -- home of the Hornets. On game days and homecoming in particular, 30 minutes before the end of final period a rumbling began in the halls of the school. It started at the north end of the building by shop class and the choir practice room, making its way through the building. It was the Funky Ds T-Connection Drum Core and they were in full form: two bass drums, two snares, half-bass and 4-piece toms. Man, they were loud. People rushed out of their classrooms and followed the snake dance out of the main building, then down to the field house for the pep rally. It was awesome. My school didn't just have spirit, we had soul...


I didn't shoot this video, but here's some recent footage of our drum core:


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