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When learning about how to improve dribbling the basketball ball, there are several ways to help a player develop. One of the best ways to help a player not only improve with their dribbling skills, but also with their overall basketball skills, is to teach them how to use the dribble in actual basketball moves. These moves can help in improving a player’s dribbling ability, but it can also be beneficial for his overall offensive skills in the game of basketball. Here are a few examples of basketball moves that can be used for basketball tips on dribbling:


In and out


The in and out dribble happens when a player dribbling with his right hand fakes going to the left, by dribbling in towards the left side, then the player shifts the dribble to the right side, shaking the defender. This is a very advanced move that requires great timing with head fakes and ball fakes to sell the move, but it also requires proper dribbling drills. Players can learn how to improve basketball dribbling with this move because players should learn about how to dribble in and out without palming the ball or carrying the ball.


Rocker step


The Rocker step is a basketball move that is achieved when a player fakes a drive with a dribble then “rocks” back for an open shot. If a defender is fooled by the drive fake, the player will have an open shot, if the defender anticipates the move and tries to block the shot, the player can “rock” the dribble forward and drive to the basket. This move will require sound ball handling skills and most players will have to improve dribbling the basketball in order to master the rocker step.


Speed dribble


Speed dribbling occurs when a player is moving as fast as possible while still controlling the ball. This requires the player to keep the ball in front of him or her without overtaking the ball by dribbling it several feet in front of them. This move requires ball control to be able to dribble while moving at top speed. Most coaches that give basketball tips on dribbling will tell you to move fast but never hurry to be able to use the speed dribble correctly.


Spin move


The spin move is one of the most effective basic basketball moves that also requires a player to have skillful dribbling. A spin move is achieved when a player dribbles in one direction bringing the defender with him or her then spins the other direction with the pivot foot, hopefully with the defender left behind. This is one of the most difficult moves to do with the dribble because the player will be spinning around. Players can improve dribbling the basketball while practicing this move because they will have to learn to control the ball while they are contorting the body or spinning the body.

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