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Whilst playing college ball my coach loved this saying. “There comes a time when winter will ask, what have you done all summer” The quote always made sense to me and I ‘got it’ but now thinking back about it, I really never understand the global message it sends to us. Obviously, the quote is speaking towards preparation and hard work in accordance to the off season for basketball players. Did you train to maximum effort when nobody was watching in the off season?


But now, I view that in the a different light. Have we prepared for our next step in life?


There will always be a time when someone will ask you something that needs an answer. Will you be the one to provide the solution image needed to solve the problem? Or will you get overshadowed by other talent in this highly competitive, complex world we live in? Back to my message to all those student athletes and especially with high school basketball starting up, being obsessed with preparation will allow you the ability to bring value to your teammates. That drive and hunger that is implanted inside your mind will force your body to train when nobody is looking.


I promise you that being obsessed with preparation will bring you the opportunity to maximize your potential as a student athlete. Only you know if you have prepared for this upcoming competitive basketball season and the results will definitely show. Follow us and share your story of how you have prepared for this upcoming basketball season.


Good luck,


Innovative Athletes

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