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You do the math

Posted by iAthletes on May 21, 2010 4:27:24 AM

Players ask me all the time: “Should I play more pick up games or should I train” or “what should I do play AAU every weekend or practice my skill development”


I hated math whilst in school but the proof is in the numbers and here are a few math equations that will provide you the necessary answers to your questions:


Let’s pretend you are in the 8th grade, you have 6 AAU games scheduled this weekend:

In those 6 games you average 8 shot attempts per game, that’s 48 shots for the entire weekend and let’s say you shot 12 free throws. So total you shot 60 shots in 48 hours of play.


Now turn the situation around, lets say you decide to stay at home and do our “Finish Friday” workout which consists of 350 shots plus another 50 free throws. In just 2 hours you get 400 shots compared to 60 in 48 hours. Yes, a lot less fun but which is more productive to your game?


I understand the need to always play games and to develop game-awareness because how else will you understand the speed of the game and decision making unless you actually experience it? But none of that really matters unless you can compete at a high enough level to which it matters. Without deliberate, concentrated, task-related, purposed, outcome driven workouts you will never be the player you imagine being.


We get this unrealistic feeling that we have a work ethic if we play 6 games this weekend, but in reality the player who has been in the gym focusing on their weaknesses, shooting with a concentrated effort excel in the long run.


Over the weekend, calculate and see what your math basketball adds up too?

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