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Put me in Coach!

Posted by iAthletes Jun 7, 2010

There’s an old saying that luck happens when preparation and opportunity meet. Here’s the breakdown:



What is preparation? To me, preparation is a mindset, a discipline. Preparation just doesn’t occur 2 weeks before tryouts in October, preparation begins in the quiet month of April after the hoopla of march madness all the way though until October. Preparation is weights at 6am, running by 8am and shooting by 10am. Preparation is your lifestyle choices, preparation means you are a full time student of the game, preparation happens when no one is watching, preparation is hard.


Preparation is a responsibility, Preparation is a way of life.



A moment in time when you are given a chance to perform a task that benefits something larger than you, a chance to take the next step in your career, a chance to embrace sweaty palms and have the confidence to overcome a new challenge. Opportunity hides. Opportunity is inevitable, it will knock on your door.


Opportunity is unknown, sneaky and invisible. Opportunity is your future…


Have you struggled making the team before, or made the team but rode the bench? How are you planning on changing that? October will come, faster than you think and only you can change the status quo.

Eventually your name will be called, the whistle will blow and your opportunity will be your present, how you have prepared will determine your future.


“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”
-Coach John Wooden
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