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2010 four golden iPad accessories review

Posted by gagalady on Jan 5, 2011 5:32:26 PM
Hard Core Protection- Otterbox Defender iPad Hard Case
In-spite of people primary doubts, iPad has managed to occur top and is also now being sold like crazy. Which consists of extra ordinary display and exceptional processor, Apples iPad has properly designed a position for itself among a smartphone including a notebook. Look for TechPPs iPad Review here. Having said that, just like any other device from Apple, iPad fails to deliver concerning toughness and safety elements of the design.
This has resulted in large number of businesses processing the events for iPad. One notable iPad case will be the Otterbox Defender Series. It's actually a heavy duty case with three layers of protection and is manufactured from polycarbonate and silicon materials. Otterbox has recently made some popular & successful defender cases for iPhone, BlackBerry and other mobile phones. Does the iPad version has the meat to impress also?
For 90 bucks, you'd at the very least expect Otterbox's iPad Rubber Hard Case to be waterproof. Or gold-plated. Instead, it's created from "three layers of protection," and is particularly bump, shock, drop and dust-proof based on those in-the-know.The inbuilt stand is usually a awesome touch, I'll provide them with that, along with the idea that it can be taken off and placed above the face in the iPad can be handy when slippery moments are foreseen. Silicone grip pads secures the iPad so it doesn't budge, along with a small cover are often snapped off for port-use.
Celebrity Status- DodoCase
I first heard bout the DODOcase quickly prior to a iPad was first revealed in early April. I needed also been convinced thatI would want two cases for my iPad a simply silicone case for in-home use as well as a folio-style case for use when on an outing that is going to offer screen protection and possibly camouflage my iPad a bit. The DODOcase seemed to fit the bill fully for what I desired in that second case based on its information to be a case supposed to mimic the Moleskine notebook look.When the iPad was launched in america, I lined up in Boston with the other quick adopters. Apple employees given out snacks and drinks when a lone PR person dispersed coupons for your DODOcase. Several days later I used mine and some weeks later it finally arrived.After working per week and a half using the DODOcase, I can say that it'll make nearly any customer happy. High build quality, the way they look and also a secure fit ("like a glove" is an understatement) make the DODOcase worth the price tag and wait.
The obvious part of the DODOcase is its close resemblance to your Moleskine notebook (note some side-by-side comparison shots in the gallery below). The look is dead on. It's larger than the largest notebook but in regards to the measurements the softcover 18 month planner. When you're getting started (frankly, at 2nd and 3rd glance as well), most people will assume that's what you're carrying.
The exterior cover is of a somewhat numerous feed compared to notebook, and the interior is a wonderful red. The elastic strap is a great fit and, with the bamboo interior, keeps your iPad completely in place.
Innovation And Forward Thinkingness- ModulR iPad Accessory System
Our Innovation and Forward Thinkingnessaward would flow to ModulR and their iPad accessory system. Among the first companies to seriously understand just how paradigm shifting a tablet personal computer much like the iPad was, they designed a really impressive accessory system to figure the iPad into nearly every factor of a persons day to day life. One case covers the iPad, but it enables a multitude of attachments like stands, wall mounts, connectors, back-of-car-seat adapters, plus much more on the way. To be ahead thinking and innovative we are very proud to offer the ModulR iPad accessory system a significantly deserved award and list it being among the most outstanding and unique iPad accessories of 2010. You can read our full review of the ModulR iPad accessory system here, and check out the ModulR lineup for more information.
Most Ridiculous- Style Shirt iPad Shirt
Finally, what would an awards ceremony do without a Most Ridiculous award? Sad and incomplete. That's what. Similar to this next accessory the Style Shirt iPad Shirt Yes, its a shirt that includes a pocket with a clear plastic window for the front for proudly displaying your iPad to the world. Because nothing says I'm cool like showing off your touch delicate chest plate to all the ladies available. The one thing thats missing is a virtual purple nurple app For anyone that wishes these folks were the 6 million dollar man, this may be your first step on that sad sad path. Give it a look for your own on the Style Shirt website. We are happy to name this iPad accessory probably the most Ridiculous iPad Accessory of 2010.
Thats the finish of our own Golden iPad awards ceremony. Wasn't it exciting? It has truly been an amazing year with plenty of astounding and new accessories visiting the market industry to feed our collective iPad addiction. Whether you are just starting out on your iPad adventure or else you werean early adopter, develop examples of these accessories tickle your touch very sensitive spots. We look forward to 2011 which pledges to get extremely thrilling with news and rumors from the iPad 2 just around the corner, and might know about are sure has to be whole smorgasbord of latest and amazing iPad accessories!
About author:I'm an iPad fan.I have been keeping writing reviews about iPad and Ipad accessories since three years ago.It is my pleasure to share my experience and joy with netizens around the world.I believe that will help you to choose the most suitable iPad accessories for your lovely iPad.
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