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Today Iomega launched a novel iPhone dock with charging and backup capabilities. The Iomega SuperHero resembles an ordinary iPhone dock by having a brushed metal look thus it can look good beside your Mac or standing alone. The SuperHero can be described as charger for the iPhone that furthermore backs up important information between syncing sessions.


You know that you can sync your iPhone to check you do have a backup of your contacts and photos. Having said that, that isn't normally an option, specially when your Mac or PC are at home (or in the office, or your parent's house, etc.) The SuperHero can backup your photos and contacts every time you charge the iPhone, the industry daily occurrence for some users. The SuperHero can hold multiple iPhones, using its included 4GB SD card, however you can update that card yourself when you need more space. 4GB need to be adequate for most iPhones, at the least right out of the box. The SuperHero doesn't backup iTunes music and videos, since those could possibly be DRM shielded using your laptop. Your music and videos ought to be backed up in your iTunes library whatever the case.


Personally, Could not imagine going greater than a day possibly even longer without syncing my iPhone, including all my special photos and contacts, with iTunes. But Also i have an alarming quantity of friends and loved ones (I'm considering you, Mom) who very rarely sync their iDevices high risk actions indeed, particularly for the absent-minded.


Enter Iomega as well as new SuperHero dock, which combines a typical iPhone/iPod Touch charging dock having an automatic backup system that stores your contacts and recently snapped photos with an SD memory card. It's really no replacement for regularly syncing your devices with iTunes, actually, but the SuperHero could possibly be just the thing for iPhone users who take an all-too-casual method of copying their handhelds.


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