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Back To Running: Year Two

Posted by Jay Silvio on Apr 20, 2008 12:04:23 PM

Twelve months ago I wrote about how I had survived my first year of running in over a decade.  That means it’s now time for a report on year two.  Like all years, the past one has had its ups and its downs.  I had to take almost two months off during the summer to recover from a foot injury sustained during my first ever trail race in July (The Goshen Gallop – a 10.2 kilometer course mainly on cross-country ski trails in Vermont) and just when I was able to run again I had to take another two weeks off following a surgery.  This past February I had to reduce my running again to rehab knee tendonitis that flared up a couple days after a long (20 mile) training run.

But overall, things have gone as well as I could have hoped for.  I am still running and in 2 weeks I will be participating in my first marathon since 1987.  I’m probably in the best overall shape I have ever been in.  My times in 5K – 5-mile races are fairly close to what they were in my early twenties and I am able to handle much longer distances on training runs.  I set a PR for 10 miles (breaking an hour for the first time with a 58:55 on a course that was designed to be extra-hilly) and for the first time in my life I won the same race twice (The New Market Elementary School On The Road For Reading 5K – which is really more like 3.25 miles).  I’m also wearing smaller jeans than I was when I was running college cross-country!

For the rest of 2008, my focus will be on the Maryland Double: the Frederick Marathon on May 4 and the Baltimore Marathon on October 11.  I would like to run in the 2:40s (2:49:59 counts!) in at least one of these events.  After that, I am thinking about trying my feet in an ultra or two during 2009-2010.  I may be getting ahead of myself, but you’ve got to have goals!


Ps – I am using my marathon run as an opportunity to raise money for a local organization that coordinates donations of time, talent, money, food, and other resources for the emergency needs of the people of Frederick County where I live, train, and race.  If you would like to support my effort, please visit my spiffy website:


Thanks for reading!




Pps – Here’s a copy of my report on my first year from April 2, 2007:


Made it through a year of running:


The day after Haven turned eight, I decided that I'd run out of excuses and it was time for me to get back in shape (I hadn't been running for about ten years and I was a few pant sizes larger than my college days). That night I struggled through about two miles on my treadmill at ten-minute mile pace. It was miserable but I kept at it, doing it again the next day. One day at a time became a week, which became a month, and then Haven turned nine last week. I celebrated that day by heading over to the local community college to run a few mile repeats. 5:55, 5:55, and 5:52 marked my best speed work in over ten years!
 Each day still contains the struggle to lace 'em up, but I get it done more often than not. Sometimes it's 45 minutes on an elliptical trainer, sometimes it's six or seven miles through the neighborhood, and other times it's a distance swim in the lake on a cool summer morning. I've overcome a nasty ankle roll in October (yea, I still feel it on tight turns) and a wicked three-week chest cold in January. Overall, however, I feel great. I have more energy and fewer general aches and pains; I lost weight (clothes that fit me in college are now a little baggy) and lowered my cholesterol. The progress has been reinforcing and I hope I'll be writing a similar blog in another year to describe the next twelve months' accomplishments. Wish me luck!

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