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Jay?s Week That Was: June 9-15, 2008

Posted by Jay Silvio on Jun 16, 2008 7:26:18 PM

This was the last week of the 2007-2008 school year and things were a bit chaotic with proctoring final exams, helping my wife get ready for her two-week trip to Houston for an autism training, and helping our girls finish their school projects.  Despite the craziness, I was able to carve out time to workout each day and I’m proud of that:


Monday - A 40 minute reverse elliptical session (followed by 15 minutes of forward cool down). It’s a strong workout and I’m able to set a new best distance.  Who cares if the old one was “soft”?  Certainly a good start to the week.

Tuesday - An hour forward elliptical followed immediately by 40 minutes of reverse (with an additional 15 minutes of forward cool-down).  My “long run” of the week is almost two hours on an elliptical trainer.  I bring a Clif Bar and a bottle of nuun and go to town.  Even I find the puddles of sweat that I produce to be pretty disgusting.

Wednesday - An 8 mile run. It was a truly beautiful day: 80 degrees and sunny with relatively low humidity and a nice breeze.  I ran easy and didn't push the pace. Each progressive mile got a little quicker.  My legs seemed good so I added a few strides on grass at the end (for no real reason other than I felt like it).

Thursday - Another 8 mile run. I didn’t feel as good as the day before even though I ended up running about 5 seconds faster.  I started off quicker, but didn’t have as much at the end.  I’d have preferred to have had more left in my tank, but that’s often how it goes for me two days after a tough workout.

Friday - An hour-long elliptical session. Since it’s my last day of work until I start teaching summer school, I decide to get in a “final” elliptical workout.  I blast the pace from the start and push for a new best distance.  It’s a great way to end the school year!

Saturday – An 8 mile run. I spent the morning at my daughters’ first swim meet of the summer and I was a timer so I was standing out in the sun most of the time.  I was pretty exhausted, but I had a late lunch and went out for my run before dinner.  It was hot and muggy with a light rain falling.  My times were better than I expected given the conditions

Sunday - A 10 mile run on Father’s Day morning.  I got up around 5:30 and made lattes for my wife and myself. I don't usually like caffeine before I run, but it was Father's Day so I treated myself. I had a light snack and went out the door just before 7:00. It was sunny, but not too hot (about 70 degrees) with relatively low humidity. I ran smoothly at a somewhat brisk pace and really kicked it in for the last mile or so.  After I got back and showered, we had homemade sour-cherry dump cake for breakfast (with sour cherries from the tree in our backyard). Yum!


This was another good week.  I set a couple of elliptical “PRs” and had a couple of very enjoyable runs.  My only concern is that the backs of my heels are pretty badly blistered from some chaffing that occurred last week and it’s taking them quite some time to heal up.  It doesn’t seem to have affected my running up to this point, but it’s something I’ll have to keep an eye on.  Next week will be very busy with my wife out of town, but my in-laws have already scheduled times to come over and watch the girls so I can get in some good runs.  It will be my last week before I start my scheduled training program to prepare for Baltimore…

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