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Jay's Week That Was: Baltimore 4 of 16

Posted by Jay Silvio on Jul 18, 2008 7:20:04 AM

Week 4 (7/14 - 7/20)

Sadly, this week was mostly spent cross-training as I am again attempting to rehabilitate my strained left soleus.  At least this week was a recovery week so I did not miss any key workouts.  I apologize if these reports of my injury are getting repetitive, but it looks like there will be a lot more cross-training in my future.  Unfortunately, I have to write about the realities of my training.


Monday - An 8-mile run.  I ran slowly with Chris Flynn on a morning that wasn't too hot but very humid.  My calf was tight from my long run the previous Saturday and I was hoping it would loosen up after a few miles.  It never got truly painful, but it didn't loosen up either.  I decided that I needed to give it a bit more of a break and would stick to cross-training for at least a few days.

Tuesday - A 60-minute elliptical session. It's a pretty standard workout.  My calf was fairly tight throughout the day, but it didn't bother me during the elliptical training.

Wednesday - A 50-minute reverse elliptical session (plus a 10-minute cool-down). I was tired and got off to a bit of a slow start, but I finished with a relatively decent pace.  My calf was starting to feel a little looser and didn't bother me during my workout.

Thursday - A 60-minute elliptical session and a 1-mile swim.  I was tired and having trouble with motivation, but I pulled off a solid morning elliptical workout.  My calf was a little better and continued to be fine during the elliptical training, but it continued to be somewhat stiff during the rest of the day.  In the afternoon, I took my daughters to the pool and was able to get in a mile of swimming (with a few breaks) while they were busy playing with friends.  I decided to try and run on the following day to see how I would hold up.

Friday - A 4-mile run and 30-minute reverse elliptical session.  I decided to test out the calf on a relatively easy paced 8-miler with Chris Flynn.  It was still a little sore, but I hoped it would loosen up after a few miles.  Needless to say, my calf failed the test.  It did OK for a few miles and then it locked up at mile four. I stopped running and went inside for a half hour of reverse elliptical to complete my workout.

Saturday - DNR.  I hate typing that, but I didn't exercise at all and ate way too much.

Sunday - A 90-minute bike spin.  I did this session in the evening much too soon after my daughters' end of the season swim team picnic where I managed not to over-eat until the very end when a friend was trying to unload a tray of oatmeal-raisin cookies.  I probably had ten.  Needless to say, I spent the time on my bike mainly focused on not seeing those cookies regurgitated.  A most unpleasant workout and somewhat fitting end to my week.


I have come to the realization that I'm putting too much pressure on myself to race well and it is causing me to make poor decisions (like not giving myself nearly enough time to heal) and taking much of the joy out of my training. I need to readjust my goals for Baltimore so that I can enjoy the experience and insure that I have a lot more running in my future.  I have an appointment with an orthopedist and a podiatrist scheduled for next week to see if i can get some help for my calf.  I'll be sure to fill you in next week.





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