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Jay?s Week That Was: Baltimore 7 of 16

Posted by Jay Silvio on Aug 11, 2008 4:14:16 PM

Week 7 (8/4 – 8/10)

This entry will be different (and much shorter) because almost all of my workouts were exactly the same.  No need to get repetitive with the daily details.  I was away on vacation this past week with my family (including my amazing in-laws) in Massanutten, VA.  We spent five straight days at a water park where my daughters were in absolute heaven swimming, sliding, and floating the hours away.  There was a gym where we were staying and it had elliptical machines.  They were not the style I was used to, so it took me a couple of days to get really comfortable on them, but they certainly were sufficient for my rehab training needs.  I laughed when I read (and promptly ignored) the signs asking folks to limit their time on the machines to no more than twenty minutes.  That just wasn't going to cut it and it didn't really matter because there was only one day when all of the machines were in use (and there were still many open bikes and treadmills).  I did an hour of elliptical training (plus a five minute cool down) Monday through Saturday and after we got home on Sunday I did a 90-minute spin on my bike trainer while watching some of the Olympics.  It certainly would have been nice to run on some of the mountain hiking trails or the ski slopes, but my calf was in no shape for it.  As is, I probably over-worked it running up the many flights of stairs to get to the top of the water slide.  It doesn't look like I'll be able to get many runs in during the next couple of months so I guess I'll have to try and gut out the marathon on my base fitness that I'll keep trying to maintain through cross-training.  I have a PT appointment coming up on Thursday and hopefully that will provide me with some ways to get this calf strain healed up.  Even it goes exceptionally well I am realistic enough to know that I will not be putting in nearly enough long runs for optimal marathon training.  I did finally break down and order a pair of 2XU compression calf guards that should arrive by the end of the week.  The Baltimore Marathon is in exactly two months, so anything to promote the healing process...

As always, thanks to my sponsors:


And let's not forget the prize at the end of the long journey:


And since I don't want people to think my life is all injury and misery, here are some pics from the water park:




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