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Jay?s Weeks That Were: Baltimore 8-12 of 16

Posted by Jay Silvio on Sep 13, 2008 4:46:15 AM

Weeks 8-12 (August 11 - September 14)

The past month has been filled with many setbacks and a fair amount of pain.  It has been hard to stay motivated through my accumulating aches and injuries, many PT sessions, and changes in my training schedule (which has forced me wake up earlier in the morning and allows me less time to exercise during the week).  I have had to deal with calf strains, nerve issues (I have to do daily dural tube stretches), and sore knees and hips as well as an aching shoulder that has prevented me from performing my strength training routine.  I now wear calf guards when I run and I have a 5 mm heel insert in my left shoe to straighten out my pelvis.  There have been many occasions when my passion for running has been so depleted and I have seriously questioned why I bother to continue training (especially early in the morning on the day after a particularly slow or painful workout).  With so little progress to report I have been unable to face the reflection required to post my weekly blogs.  The past couple of weeks, however, have led to some slow but steady progress and this morning I completed the Parks Half-Marathon.  I've now got major blisters on my heels and a severely chaffed nipple (nothing like the runners special "red badge of courage" when you're wearing a white singlet), but my calves seemed to hold up to the stress of 13.1 miles.  Hopefully my legs will be able to recover relatively quickly.  While my time (1:21:44) was significantly slower than my half split during the Frederick Marathon, and I finished one spot out of the money in my age group, I was pleased with my performance considering that I have not been able to do much running (and no speed work or long runs at all) for about two months.  This was an important race for me because I needed the confidence to know that I will still be able to run under three hours at Baltimore if my pacee wants to go for it.  So there are now four weeks until the marathon and Blue the crab (the official mascot of the Baltimore Marathon) is going down...





So anyway, here are the last five weeks:


Week 8 (8/11-17)

Mon. 90 minute bike spin and 5.5 mile run

Tues. 90 minute bike spin and 5.5 mile run

Wed. 5.5 mile run and 1 mile swim

Thurs. 2 hour bike spin

Fri. DNR

Sat. 1 hour elliptical

Sun. DNR


Week 9 (8/18-24)

Mon. 2 hour bike spin

Tues. 1 hour elliptical

Wed. 50 minute reverse elliptical

Thurs. 1 hour elliptical

Fri. 30 minute reverse elliptical and 45 minute forward elliptical

Sat. 1 hour bike spin

Sun. 5.5 mile run


Week 10 (8/25-31)

Mon. 1 hour elliptical

Tues. 30 minute reverse elliptical

Wed. 1 hour elliptical

Thurs. 30 minute reverse elliptical

Fri. 45 minute elliptical

Sat. 5.5 mile run

Sun. DNR


Week 11 (9/1-7)

Mon. 5.5 mile run

Tues. 1 hour elliptical

Wed. 30 minute reverse elliptical

Thurs. 8 mile run

Fri. 40 minute reverse elliptical

Sat. 1 hour bike spin

Sun. DNR


Week 12 (9/8-14)

Mon. 8 mile run

Tues. 45 minute elliptical

Wed. 50 minute reverse elliptical

Thurs. 8 mile run

Fri. 45 minute elliptical

Sat. 3.5 mile run

Sun. Parks Half-Marathon


ps - Thanks to all of you who sent me messages and e-mails during the past month to offer your support!  It really is a huge help to hear from you.



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