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Jay's Week That Was: Baltimore 13 of 16

Posted by Jay Silvio on Sep 22, 2008 8:28:19 AM

Week 13 (9/15 - 9/21)

This week I worked through some pretty rough blisters left over from the Parks Half-Marathon and finally got in a long run (my first in about two months).  I'm feeling pretty good and, although I know I won't run anywhere close to a PR at the Baltimore Marathon on October 11, I'm fairly confident I will be able to snag another Boston Qualifier as I pace a friend in his attempt to run the distance in three hours.  Since I plan to run the Boston Marathon in 2010, when I will be 40, my qualifying time is 3:20.  This week I have resumed my strength training routine of natural resistance exercises and my body seems to be responding (I took about a month off to see if it would help my body heal up).  It was rough, however, for the first few days.  I also received some free supplies this week (a T-shirt from nuun and a bunch of gels from If The Shoe Fits) and that's always a good way to boost mood and motivation.  Many thanks to everyone for all your support!


Monday - An hour-long elliptical session. I kept it easy and controlled for this recovery workout on the day after the Parks Half-Marathon.

Tuesday - A 40-minute reverse elliptical session (+ 15 minute forward cool-down). My legs seemed to be recovering pretty well so the workout was good.  I didn't push too hard.

Wednesday - A 45-minute elliptical session. I didn't have enough time for a longer workout, so I did what I could.  I was able to move pretty well.

Thursday - An 8-mile run.  Although I popped a nasty blister at the base of my middle toe, I had my best run in a long time.  It felt good to push the pace a little bit.

Friday - An 8-mile run.  I took this one easy and maintained a relaxed pace.  I didn't try and push since I'm still trying to get my body reacclimatized to runs on back-to-back days.

Saturday - An hour long spin on my bike trainer.  I do enough to keep a decent sweat going as I watch Sports Center.

Sunday - A 16.5-mile run. Not a great performance, but I can't be too upset since I was able to finish my first long run in a couple of months.  I had hoped to have more left at the end, but it was not to be.  I ended up averaging around 6:45 pace.  On my cool down I ran past my wife and daughters in our X-Terra as they were returning from apple picking.  They pace me back to the house and my daughters walk a couple blocks with me before I head in for lunch.  After a quick bite of whole wheat pasta and some apple cider, I stick my legs in an ice bath.


Based on my original SmartCoach plan, this was to be my last hard week of training before I start my taper for the Baltimore Marathon on October 11 (although, from experience, the first taper week is fairly rigorous).  I'm a bit nervous about running the marathon distance with so few long runs, but I don't want to start over-training in an attempt to cram in extra miles.  I'd rather arrive at the starting line under-trained and healthy than show up with tired legs or not show up at all due to injuries.  I am hoping to race a flat 10K next weekend in order to get in some higher intensity work while cutting back the mileage.  This week, my sponsors earned many thanks!



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