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Jay's Week That Was: Baltimore 15 of 16

Posted by Jay Silvio on Oct 6, 2008 6:41:17 AM

Week 15 (9/29 - 10/5)

This was the second week of my three week taper period leading up to the Baltimore Marathon.  While my calves are feeling better (there will probably be scar tissue there for 6-9 more months, but they are no longer painful and tight), I did have some soreness in my right knee from tendonitis.  I have been managing it with stretching, ibuprofen, and a knee strap and have been able to run fairly well.  My goals for the week were to recover from last weekend's 10K race and get in some decent mid-distance speed work.  Here's how things went:


Monday - A 50-minute reverse elliptical session (+ 10 minute easy forward cool-down).  My knee was a bit sore at the start, but it seemed to warm up OK.  I was able to put in an average workout but was a bit tired at the end.

Tuesday - An 6.5-mile run. I ran after mowing the lawn (with a broken mower) and quickly eating half of my lunch.  It was warm (about 80 degrees) and humid.  I put in a reasonable maintenence run with a decent finish.  I wore my knee strap and it cut into the back of my leg a bit but it was nothing serious.

Wednesday - A 45-minute elliptical session. I cut back the time as I continue to taper down.  This workout felt pretty good and although my knee was a bit stiff I was able to put in a solid effort. 

Thursday - An 7-mile tempo run. I didn't have the kind of speed that I had before the Frederick Marathon, but it was still nice to be able to push myself again.  I wore my knee strap and got a hot spot on the ball of my left foot.   I was pleased that my long-term recovery appears to be progressing.

Friday - A 30-minute reverse elliptical session (+ 15 minute forward cool-down).  Another fairly short maintenence workout.  It felt fine.

Saturday - An 8-mile tempo run.  I got up early and ran hard on a perfect sunny morning with temperatures around 50 degrees.  I can only hope that the weather will be similar this coming Saturday for the Baltimore Marathon.  I started out at a comfortable but quick pace and progressively increased the speed.  I averaged about 6:10 for the final five miles.  I continued to use the knee strap to play things safe.

Sunday - A 1-hour bike spin. After mowing the lawn I went to the basement and hopped on my bike trainer.  I spun while watching the 'Skins finish off the Eagles.


I feel like the last few weeks have been solid and that I am steadily regaining my strength.  It is exciting to be finalizing my transportation and packet pick-up plans for the Baltimore Marathon and I continue to think about receiving my Maryland Double medal and having a bowl of crab soup after finishing the 26.2 miles.  While I wish that I had been able to put in more long runs of 16-22 miles during the summer, there is nothing that I can do about that now and I know that I attempted to make the most of my cross-training while I was injured.  It's hard to believe that another marathon will be over (whether I finish or not) in less than a week!



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