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Jay's Week That Was: Baltimore 16 of 16

Posted by Jay Silvio on Oct 12, 2008 2:02:44 PM

Week 16 (10/6 - 10/12)

This is it!  The week included the end of my taper period, the Baltimore Marathon itself, and my first day of recovery.  There have certainly been ups and downs during this 16 week cycle, but I am proud of my final results.  I hope you have gained something (knowledge, insight, enjoyment) from reading about my past four months.  I appreciate all the support and comments I have received from so many of you.  This is what happened during the final week:


Monday - A 45-minute elliptical session.  My right knee had been a bit sore from tendonitis, but it wasn't an issue.  Since I had run hard on Saturday and planned to run hard again on Tuesday I didn't push the workout.  I still managed a decent distance and it was a fine way to start the week.

Tuesday - A 7-mile tempo run. It was about 40 degrees and I wore a long-sleeved shirt for the first time since last Spring.  I ran hard and my legs felt good (I wore my knee trap as a precautionary measure).  My times were about 15 seconds per mile slower than what I had been running in the Spring, but I was satisfied given the limited amount of training I had been able to put in during this cycle.

Wednesday - A 30-minute reverse elliptical session.  This was a standard recovery workout.  I changed it up a little bit by running some strides outside on the soccer field afterwards instead of adding a normal cool-down on the elliptical.  The strides (I did 6) didn't feel smooth, but that's usually the case after moving them in reverse for a half-hour.

Thursday - A 4-mile run.  It was a day off from school so I ran around my neighborhood while my daughters biked along with me.  I took it very easy and enjoyed our time together (such as it was with them zipping all over the place).  I purposefully didn't bring my watch.  When we got back I tacked on a few strides in front of the house.

Friday - A 2-mile run.  A short and un-timed pre-race run.  I added 4 strides on the soccer field.

Saturday - The Baltimore Marathon. This will get its own blog entry soon.  I completed the Baltimore Marathon in 2:48:25.  This was six-and-a-half minutes slower than my time from Frederick, but I was totally satisfied given that I had not been able to put in the same kind of training (only a single 16-mile long run since mid-July).  I accomplished my goal of completing the full Maryland Double with the added bonus of finishing both races under two hours and fifty minutes and I am qualified to run in the 2010 Boston Marathon.

Sunday - A 1-hour bike spin.  In order to get some active recovery to help the healing process I do an easy hour of spinning on my bike trainer.  I watch the 'Skins blow their fourth quarter comeback and lose to the Rams on a last second field goal.


Well, the Baltimore Marathon is now in the books and it's time to start working on the recovery process.  My legs are awfully sore and my feet are blistered, but that's part of the marathon package.  I hope I am able to rebound better this time around.  With my successful run I was able to check off the last of the major goals I had established for my 2008 running season (and even helped establish one for 2010 by re-qualifying for Boston).  I'd like to be able to run a couple small races at the end of this year and then get to work training for 2009.  I hope you'll continue reading!



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