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San Fran Sunshine

Posted by jrcuatto on Nov 20, 2007 8:02:00 PM

The day after the less than stellar turn of events in the SF Tri (as well as an unfortunate loss by my Cal Bears to my least favorite team, USC) the prior afternoon and evening's rain gave way to a crisp, clear, beautiful day in the city by the bay, perfect for a visit to some of my favorite SF sites!


Below are a couple shots from the Presidio, great views, interesting history...





Driving across the GGB, one of my favorite man made structures:





And here is a map view of one of my most favorite spots on the planet...a top the Marin Headlands looking down on the GGB across the bay, past Alcatraz, past the city, past the Bay Bridge clear to the Berkeley Hills and beyond...truly a majestic, awe-inspiring spot that can induce deep thought and wondrous imagination from those who take the time to just relax and observe:



















And after a beautiful day in SF, what better way to end it that with a pristine sunset over the Headland cliffs across the pacific ocean horizon:





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