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SLC, UT - Warm Weather in November?

Posted by jrcuatto on Nov 21, 2007 7:56:00 PM

I few days ago I left the warm Santa Monica weather, heading NE to Salt Lake City to visit family and friends for the Thanksgiving Holiday, as well as to sneak in some long overdue relaxation (and by relaxation I mean not dealing with any work related issues...although, that's always a lofty aspiration that never quite seems to come true...). Upon my arrival I was fully prepared to a "normal" November in Utah, which means temperature highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s with a better than 50%chance of snow. To my pleasant dismay, I stepped off the plane to temps in the low 60s...almost unheard of conditions in these parts this time of year! So, what did we decide to do on a blustery 61 degree afternoon yesterday...visit the zoo of course!


Hogle Zoo is located in the north east section of the city, near the Emigration Canyon foothills, as seen below:



Above is a playful black bear chomping on an orange...not too far from his locale was a hungry cougar, devouring what appeared to by some very tasty raw meat!:





Next we have a few shots of elephants, rhinos and tigers...always feels strange seeing Serengeti Plain animals in Utah...









And lastly we have a few shots of my favorite animal, the bear! The super-predator Grizzlies, Polars and Kodiaks are my favorites, but the zoo didn't have any of those amazing creatures in residency...what we have here are their "smaller" cousins, the black bear...still a pretty awesome animal none-the-less:










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