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5K Turkey Trott

Posted by jrcuatto on Nov 22, 2007 11:06:00 AM

Well, the warm weather couldn't last forever in ol' UT. In the span of just two days, a cold front blew in and temperatures plummeted by 25 degrees! Just in time for the Thanksgiving Day 5k race I ran along with 1000 other participants!


The race was staged at the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center in SLC, below is a shot of many participants showed up that egistration in the recreation center's basketball gym was jammed packed:




Here's a shot by my buddy from the back of the pack as the racers of all sizes, shapes, speeds and intensities cross over the start line, back dropped by the Rocky Mountains:





And here we have the finish line, taken from a grassy knoll 50 meters away...spectators awaiting the first finisher:





Here we see the first few racers crossing the finish line:







And here I put perspective on the day's was a 9am start...the temp was 23 degrees...the sun was shining, but no warmth, the air was crisp and slightly was frigid, tough to warm up the legs!...the elevation was 4,816 ft (not easy breathing for a sea level California guy!)...just a short 5k distance, but rolling hills and challenging none-the-less...#394's finish time was 22:44, a 7:10 pace, not bad considering the elements!...And now, it's time to prepare for a serious T-day feast!





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