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Oregon Bound - 12-21-07

Posted by jrcuatto on Dec 23, 2007 6:37:51 PM

It was a long month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a long month. The pre-holiday, pre-vacation work rush was quite taxing on the mind, body and spirit. But alas, the hard efforts of the end of the year crunch is behind me and ahead of me only holiday and vacation divindends forthcoming. First stop on the road, the beautiful pacific northwest and Eugene, OR.


Here's a shot of the stair climb to the top of Skinner's Butte, overlooking the city of Eugene:




Out of the woods to the top of the butte:





While the weather this time of year is cold, rainy and often overcast, these grey overtones are offset by the numerous shades of greens, light and deep from the multitude of foilage that flourish in this beautfiful state year around:





Here's a shot of the city from the top of Skinner's Butte:





Here we have a local top-of-the-butte resident, snacking on some leftovers...curious





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Over the next few months I'll be an ambassador for the use of the new Sony GPS CS1KA device. In combination with a camera & camcorder I'll be documenting my participation in a few races and a few globe trekking trips!

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