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Turduken in Eugene - 12-22-07

Posted by jrcuatto on Dec 23, 2007 7:44:13 PM


Hard to see the morning sun rise over the hill's crest through the down pour of rain, but this morning brought with it more than just wet brought with it the excitment of the first Christmas holiday meal...something long on the list of "things to try"...and this would be the night for the southern delight known as Turduken!





Prepping for the evening's cullinary creations calls for a visit to the local southern/soul food kitchen...





...a charming establishment with all the right accoutrements for the meal...ah yes, and finally to the meal...a de-boned duck layered inside a de-boned chicken layered inside a turkey woven together with creole sausage & cornbread stuffing covered with an incredible cornucopia of cajun spices...some smokey collard greens on the side and mmmm mmmm mmmm...a flavor explosion for the palate's indulgence!











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