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Xmas Eve - 12-24-07

Posted by jrcuatto on Dec 24, 2007 6:30:01 PM

What started as a sunny, clear, crisp 45 degree Xmas Eve day in Eugene turned into a rainy Xmas Eve night, perfect for cozying up next to a warm fireplace! A wonderfully uneventful day today...just like Xmas Eve should be...relaxing with the family, watching a few movies, prepping for a traditional prime rib and yorkshire pudding dinner as well as checking out a few of the Xmas light offerings around the neighborhood:







Palm trees and reindeer...oh oh oh!





Ah, there's the warm fire I've been looking for...with a beautiful Xmas tree next to it...can't wait to watch family and friends open gifts tomorrow morning:








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Over the next few months I'll be an ambassador for the use of the new Sony GPS CS1KA device. In combination with a camera & camcorder I'll be documenting my participation in a few races and a few globe trekking trips!

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