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This is why I run!

Posted by Jen McDevitt Apr 22, 2010

I have not been on the blog scene for a while. I have the hardest time finding things to talk about, which considering what I have been doing the past few weeks is unusual. I will be honest, I hate to talk about myself. I swear, give me a wall to talk to and it will answer me. But when I have to put down on paper thoughts about myself I totally clam up. I have been struggling because I want to express how incredibly humbled I have been in the past few years and how incredibly honored I am to be running in three days with the greatest team known to man.



If you asked me seven years ago what I would be doing today, never in a million years would I say, “fighting a aggressive brain tumor praying that I live to see my only son grow up.” Amazing how one little thing can really muck up your life, right? But each and every day I put my two feet on the ground and say I could have it a lot worse. Life, lemons you know the whole bit.


BUT...if you asked me if I had a choice to go on and live a picture perfect life with the whole 3.5 kids, stay at home mom with the white picket fence thing, I would have to tell you that I probably would decline.I feel that these past 7 years have opened my senses to extraordinary people, circumstances and events, some I would not trade in for a lifetime or for not having a brain tumor, if you could believe that!



In three days, Team McGraw will embark on another amazing event as runners from all over the country come together in Nashville to honor and pay tribute to patients battling a brain tumor or neurological disorder. As the official expert of inspiration, it astonishes me to see such determined individuals honor their loved one.


I am asked, at least once a week, where I muster the strength, the will and the motivation to run. And I can tell you this........


My motivation, inspiration, and determination comes from everyone who gets out there to run or to walk on behalf of someone battling this disease. My drive comes from the fact that if these fine individuals are doing what they can to make a difference then I certainly should be putting two cents in as well. This team, MY team, is running for others, not for themselves. And in such a unselfish act of amazing generosity is doing their part to make the world right by this disease that makes it so wrong. You are doing this for me and for all those whose lives have been effected by brain tumors and neurological disorders.


So as the Official Inspiration Expert I leave my team with this......



At some point during the course of your run, you are going to be feeling the hurt. That is when you start digging for the strength. You dig and you dig. And when you think that you have dug your way the China, dig a little more. It is at that moment when you realize who and what you are doing this for and that hurt that you are feeling will just disappear. You will cross that finish line and feel pretty darn good about what you did for someone else.



I thank each and every one of you for what you do for the people who fight so hard every day. You all give me the inspiration. If you can just remind me of that when we are out on the course, that is all that I will need to take me to the finish!





Lookin at all of you, I do!!

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Instant Karma

Posted by Jen McDevitt Feb 24, 2010

Back in the 80's, Reebok launched a campaign for their new U B U shoes. Or so I thought. I remember dragging my mom high and low to every sports and shoe store searching for these mysterious   U B U shoes that captivated me. It wasn't until an arrogant store owner laughed in my face and told me that it was only the commercial and that these shoes did not exist. Deflated, I gave up on UBU and became just an ordinary pre-tween who still thought she knew it all. I wore the Reebok's but did not feel the same "superstar" status I would have felt had there really been a U B U shoe line.


What intrigued me the most about these shoes was the song that played on the commercial advertising them. "Instant Karma" by the Beatles. I still relish the lyrics and the tune to this day. I just LOVE that song and actually forgot about it until just last week, when instant karma hit me right in the face!


Recently, I have hit the doldrums of winter and I have been finding myself only able to run on the indoor track at my local YMCA. Around and around and around I run. Like, at what point can I stop counting the cracks on the wall that I pass or the weird people who seriously consider themselves elite athletes. Oh, that is a whole other post because those people are a very unique human race.  But anyway, back to the around and around and around....


I happened to pick up pace with someone of my caliber. He was way cooler than I was but I felt like we both knew what we were doing. I stayed behind him as I did not want to let on to the fact that he was helping me forget about the monotony of this run and the fact I was considering bringing spackle my next time here for the cracks on the wall that I repeatedly pass. But what I started to do unknown to me was that I started to kind of run like him, almost mimic his stride. So there I was clipping along looking like a puppy dog chasing his owner. It wasn't until about a mile into it when it dawned on me that I AM NOT HIM! And things started to bother me. There were many things, in fact. First, my whole gait and body was reacting differently on this run. Probably because I was running with a different method. And while I thought the running was fine, body parts addressed themselves to me that have never made them selves known. The front part of my shin started to twitch, my left shoulder blade was tweeking out, and the bottom of my foot felt a bit funky. Second, and most bothersome, I was doing this without even knowing it. I wasn't being me, I was trying to be Mr. Cool Man Who Didn't Know I Was Chasing Him. And finally, that is when "Instant Karma" came on my iPod. I had to go sit down.


So, that is when all these old-school thoughts came flooding back to me. I sat and listened to the song. When "Instant Karma" comes on your iPod and freaky things are happening, you better sit down and listen to the song. The Karma Gods, I felt, would come barreling down and give me a good talking to. What I thought about was that silly U B U incident back in the 80's and most importantly the history of my running. I envisioned myself at the start of my running career and how that has evolved over the past 7 years. Have I always tried to run like someone else? Have I gone against "U B U" and just became what I thought I should be? As Mr. Cool Man wizzed by me a few more times and I sat pondering this whole thing, I dug deeper.  It became a whole philosophical conundrum that quite frankly doesn't need to be discussed because it includes karma, the brian tumor, the running, is it all tied together.... The outcome was this: I am who I am and that is all that I am (thank God for Popeye when you need him)!


What it boils down to is that I have now resolved to make sure I be "me" and stay true to myself, my running, my fight against brain cancer, my life. There may times where I may not want to be me, either by choice or by the forces that may be. But being reminded that karma always has a way of sneaking up on you in an instant, well that is all I need to get me by.


So....U B U and I B ....well, ME!

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When is enough, enough?

Posted by Jen McDevitt Feb 7, 2010

Alot can be said of this statement. When is enough, enough? When do you know when to stop running? When do you know when to stop stretching? When you do you know when to stop hydrating? Sure, you can read all you want about it and have the best of the best experts with their scientific opinion give concrete evidence based on body mass vs. calories...blah, blah, blah....


Seriously....when do you, as a runner, know when enough is enough?


I am going to tell you. Listen to your body. It is the only one who knows. Here is a little secret that some of you may already know about. I am as stubborn as the day is long. Glen often questions his reasoning on why he married me being that stubborness is so bad. If you tell me "no," I say, "watch me." A few months ago, I had someone dare me that I could not climb up 80 stories. me. Can I share with you that last weekend, I did that stair climb and I questioned a whole lot of myself and this stubboness act thingy I have going on. WOW was that hard. When was enough, enough? At that moment it was about the 15th floor. But I endured, as I always do. Stopping is for pansies (at least in my stubborn world, please no offense to anyone as it is directed solely at me and my mentalness). I reached to the top of those 80 floors and thought I was really, really, really out of shape. How am I going to run in a half marathon with Team McGraw in April? HOW I ASK YOU???


Coach Kevin recently posted a blog titled "Runners are Dumb". I am dumb. I know I am. And stubborn and dumb are not always the best mix .But as I prepare to embark on a year of training and ultimately cross the finish line 26.2 miles later, I have to have a firm understanding of myself and this key word, enough. Oh yeah, AND listen to your body. It is smarter than you think. So, when I headed out yesterday and clocked in 5 miles, I felt pretty good. So good that I wanted to run more. And that little ugly, out of shape man on my left shoulder said, "Come on you it!" And the beautiful, lean, lovely lady on my right shoulder said, "Enough!" I listened to her. Girls are always right.


Stair Climb.jpg

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So, I think that I am going to get serious here. I was reviewing my old blog posts and I came across my very first one that I ever did. I really had no idea how to blog much less post (for lack of a better phrase). The blog is titled " Illegitimus Non Carborundum" and it was written soon after I completed the 2008 Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville, TN. For now, I want to tell you a little history behind this post as it is quite reflective of not only myself but of Team McGraw as a whole. Many of you may chuckle as you will have knowledge of inside "funnies" but really it just goes to show you what a little heart, a lot of tough, and a group of wonderful people can do to make the world a better place. For those of you who do not know what Illegitimus Non Carborundum means, look it up. It's a great phrase (even better when you find out what it means!)


On April 26, 2008, I ran in my first Rock 'N' Roll Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville. I was running beside Jeff McMahon and Chris Keller. These fine men served as my wing-men.  I had, at the time, completed the New York City Marathon and a slew of half marathons as well as 4 Chicago Marathons. It wasn't like I was running for the first time. I was just really nervous. The thing that I was quite nervous about was the fact that I really had not trained for this event. This wasn't because I was cocky didn't think that I needed to. I was in the wake of adversity and running was all I knew as a way to overcome it. I had underwent my third craniotomy in December 2007 and had begun a intensive clinical trial of chemotherapy to fight my brain tumor. What the chemotherapy did was give me a severe case of neuropathy and I was running with little feeling in my toes and limited movement in my fingers. To say that I was ill-prepared was an understatement and I was quite fearful when I was running this race that I would not only fail at finishing but place myself in harm's way.


Illegitimus Non Carborundum came into focus as I stared at a runners shirt at the start of the race. When I explained what it meant to my Team McGraw running pals, they all turned around to look at me like I was some kind of prophet. Not really.... I just have a really smart great-uncle who teaches at Notre Dame and I paid attention when I was little.


We started the race in waves and our team decided to start in the back so we could run together. Coach Kevin was beginning WAY up in the front and I remember Jeff's phone ringing as we were waiting to start. Jeff answered it saying, "Kevin, you are already done?" I wish you could have seen all of our faces (BTW....he was kidding, but probably not by much). As we started together, we slowly drifted apart as our different paces started to separate us. Jeff, Chris and I stuck together and quite frankly it was one of the funnest races I have ever ran in. Sure, slow as molasses but our "Tour-Guide Jeff" exposed us to many landmarks the Rock 'N' Roll Country Music Marathon is known for. I was able to see where artists recorded their first hits. They were in these adorable unsuspecting bungelow houses that in a million years I would never pass off as history making museums of musical talent. I had the ability to see up and coming artists strut their stuff and families cheering on participants.


We also had an insane cheering crew at mile 7. There were these awesome 'Ya Gotta Believe signs and the crowd went WILD when we passed. Talk about a morale booster.



What has evolved over the past three plus years at Team McGraw is this. I still remember moments like these at this race. I can still recall conversations running with the boys and jamming on my  make-shift leg air-guitar to the country music as it carried me along that half marathon I clearly should not have run. I remember Chris and Jeff not getting upset when I pulled my ONLY totally girl move of the day....I had to pee and they had to wait for me. I remember it all. Without Team McGraw, I ask, would I have those memories? Would I have the visual of Chris' awful sunburn that we all still make fun of to this day?


Memories come from this. Friendships come form this. Life comes from this. Beating adversity and letting courage prevail comes from this. This is who Team McGraw is.


Please read my very first blog and the several that follow.  I hope that many of you who have the opportunity to run with Team McGraw can write about your own moments in the races to come.




Inspiration Expert,

Jen McDevitt


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No... it is not the name of a Transformer character and it is not some weird skin rash. It is the ever-dreaded injury (there is a hush in the crowd). I just started running again and my silly Adductor Magnus started reminding me that it was lingering, challenging me if you will to a duel. To review, so you all know what I am talking about, the adductor magnus muscle is the largest of the groin muscle and extends down the posterior portion of your thigh, incorporating the widely known hamstring muscle.


It seemed quite innocent. Two weeks ago, I was merely playing a game of Hot Wheels Ultimate Destroyer with Jack on the kitchen floor. After he totally destroyed me and my car went sailing to the other end of the room, I lazily reached for it, forgetting that I am getting old. That is when it happened. POW, ZING, OUCH!  I quickly went into training mode. Remembering all the things that Coach Kevin once advised me on to properly stretch this muscle. I applied the cold and the heat. I have stretched and I have rubbed. For now, I think that we both (the muscle and I that is) have a mutual understanding that we are in it for the long haul and as long as I treat it nice, it will reciprocate the offer.


We have had a long history together, good 'ol Magnus and I. Four years ago, Magnus and I met. And immediately we did not like each other. It was so bad at one point that I had to walk with my leg outward, almost appearing like a 90 year old, hunched over, limping and decrepit. Therapy ensued and I continued my training and with the occasional help of muscle relaxers (remember the movie Sixteen Candles...yup that we me!) I was able to resolve the pull and the threat that Magnus was going to make me hang up my running shoes.


Every now and then, Magnus has appeared and I have been able to arrest any immediate evil it wants to bestow onto me. But as I begin my new chapter of running I want to make sure that all my 10,000 body parts are in sync. OH Magnus, why do you plague me?


I have come across many an injury in my 7 year running career. The blisters, the chafing, the sunburn. I have fought through running in the throws of chemotherapy. I have run races three weeks after brain surgery without incident. What is it with this one blip of a muscle that wants to mess with my training and more importantly my head? I could look at it from a philosophical standpoint, or maybe Murphy''s Law, but really I believe that it is just a reminder that we are all infallible and that even the best of preparation can expose you to a potential injury. For example, after my Hot Wheels incident two weeks ago, I immediately got on the treadmill to pound out a few miles. I was checking my system out. The whole time I was running all it felt like was that my leg was going to snap and give out. Did I stop? Nope. Why? Because I needed to work through the pain. And I did. Coach Kevin always says to run smart. Listen to your body. Adjust when you need to. Being that Magnus and I have this love/hate thing going on, I adjusted and listened to the REST of my body telling me to just plow through. The rest of my body was leaping for joy because I was running again. I wasn't going to give Magnus the satisfaction of victory.


So, all I can say is this..."Hey, Magnus, want to dance??"



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So, I have kind of been off the radar for a while. Not by choice, of course, but nonetheless, not doing the one thing that I love to do….running!  As 2010 quickly approaches, I have made many lists and these lists do not involve what I am going to be giving to others. It may sound kind of selfish, but it is what I am going to for myself. So, yes, they are long lists of New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe I should call it the list of New Year’s Revelations! This past year has brought me many changes. I have changed both physically and mentally. There have been many things that I have had to endure and most of them not pleasant. I took this year off mainly because I had to start a pretty intense chemotherapy regimen and rather than set myself up for the expectation and then disappointment, I decided it would be in my best interest if I just took a year off and became a “super-spirit cheerleader” for Team McGraw!! I guess I could say I gained perspective, meaning and purpose but, in reality, I gained fight, desire and will power. These were things that I always had but you know the phrase…”you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…..”. But, I have to boast, I still managed to run a half. Without any training. Maybe not a good idea but I still needed to feel wanted by the road. I wanted to make sure my running shoes still liked me. They did in case you were wondering. Well, the good news is that I have stopped that crummy chemo that placed me into a state of confusion, disarray and discombobulation. And yes, the meaning that I have found was that BABY I WAS BORN TO RUN!!! The 2009 Chicago Marathon sent me reeling.  I have never had the opportunity to see elite runners float by me with effortless determination. Or witness someone hitting the wall, faces distraught by anguish and fatigue. I have never been on the other side of the line…..that being the spectator side. I have always been on the course, thus not being witness to the craziness a marathon brings. I walked up to Coach Kevin Leathers on that beautiful October day in Chicago and told him that this was never going to happen again. I vowed to him and to myself that I would never be on that side again. That spectator side is not me and never will be me. I continue to fight a brain tumor but I continue to live. And living for me is running. I am not living if I am not running….end of story. As this year ends and I close the book on this dreadful year of lack of running, I look forward to mile after mile after mile.  Followed by blister after blister after blister! Many of my friends, including my husband, hit their PR in Chicago this year. It was a beautiful day. I have to admit, the only thing missing was me. I lost most of my hair from the chemo this past year. My wardrobe essential was a baseball hat or (unfortunately) a wig.  And as my hair starts to come back in (albeit crazy and a big mess) I have placed a running cap on my night stand to remind me that I can do this, with hair or without.  By no means am I out of the woods as I battle this silly brain tumor. I still have a chemo pill I take every night and an IV that I have a date with every two weeks. But with careful anticipation I look forward to sharing running stories with my team as I hit the road and don’t look back! My goal is Chicago 2010. I may not be the fastest runner out there but I know that I will have the most heart, the most will, and the most fight. I run with a team on a mission. That mission is to improve the quality of life for people with brain tumors. I run because, at the end of the day, my quality of life couldn’t get any better than me, Team McGraw, the road, a timing chip and an endless line of spectators. It gives me the best opportunity to tell these spectators that “it is always better on the other side!” And so it begins……… JENNY’S GOT HER GROOVE BACK!

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As I write this, I am trying to plan out how I am going to chase Glen around not only Chicago this year but New York City. It has been a huge debate. And the reason is because I am going to be carting around my little buddy, Jack , who may or may not be all that cooperative with both situations. I am fearing that if he gets a feel for how Chicago goes he may catch on to the program come November 1st in New York City.  The 4am wake up call and the random running to various spots across both cities may not be that exciting for a kid who only joy in life is to be the center of attention.



This will be the first year in 6 years that I am not participating in either marathons. And it will be a bit of a transition in that I am usually the person people are cheering for not me being the cheerleader. (see where Jack gets the center of attention thing. I is not his fault) So I have my work cut out for me....



I have to learn to be a spectator not a runner. This is a highly stressful situation and I am diving right in to training. I have to motivate, encourage, replenish, endure, sacrafice, agonize, prepare, support, dedicate, recover and succeed.  Did I mention that I am not running in the marathon because I all of a sudden feel like I am running.  So THIS is what it is like to be on the "other side"!  I do believe that I see the light!!!!!



In this role that I am participating in I have made several promises to myself. One most importantly, I will have a greater understanding and respect for the specators and volunteers who keep the runners moving. Without you, there would not be a race!! Second, I have to train myself to mentally not feel like even though I am not running I am still participating! And finally, I have to put together a pretty kick butt route so I can scream my head off and push Team McGraw on! If I am not out there running, I better be out there screaming, right?



So, in conclusion, YES I am running my own marathon. It is just not on a closed course with water stations and timing mats.And the people are not yelling at me but with me for the fabulous Team McGraw and the Tug McGraw Foundation!!












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Jennyism #1: It's always good to have a goal


Jennyism #2: It's even better to finish the goal


Jennyism #3 First you gotta go up the hill then you gotta go down


I haven't even taken off my shoes yet but I got so exicited becuause I just ran 5 problemo! Okay, maybe I should go and stretch and take off my muddy running shoes but this is the start of something good!!! My goal was to run to every fire hydrant and see how I felt. But pretty soon...okay here is goes....I WAS ROCKIN' AND ROLLIN' WITHOUT MY EVEN KNOWIN'!






Coach Kevin is going to cringe when he reads this because I know when you just start out running you have to take it slow. And I did. I ran from fire hydrant to fire hydrant in my neighborhood but all of a sudden, like a flash before my eyes there was a trail. Yes, a glorious trail that had my name written all over it. So I did what any other normal girl never listening to anyone's sound advice would do. I went TRAIL RUNNING! Oh my gosh, it was so much fun. I laughed and laughed and felt like I was on a closed course running route on crack. I went up the hill and I almost just wanted to roll down the hills. Now, let me clarify. In Illinois a hill constitutes as any incline of 20 feet. Totally no big deal. But how much fun. I am muddy, smiling and well....just like a pig in poop!



Totally needed that run. What a way to get things started. Spring is finally here! And the fire hydrant is my newfound hero! Now I know why dogs love them so much!

































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Posted by Jen McDevitt Feb 26, 2009

So......bummer.....I am not running a marathon this year but YYYYYEEEAAAAHHHHH I get to go back to my grassroots (highlighted blonde and all) and do what I was perfect at...CHEERLEADING! I do believe that I am now the official captain of the Team McGraw Cheerleading squad. I am already perfecting some rally cheer's. I will post them on YOU-TUBE for you to see.


But in the meantime....



I AM running in the Shamrock Shuffle and that is going to be my mini marathon for lack of a better word. I hit the road yesterday with 50 degree weather (finally...whoever said anything about global warming is lying) I put in 2 miles which is a milestone for me! I was so incredibly excited to run again today but of course it is pouring and miserable. Just so I did not lose my motivation I opened up my garage door and jumped rope for 25 minutes looking outside. I guess you could say that I am cross-training. Running/cheerleading is a very demanding sport. I am going to be most excited to live through everyone else's running experiences this year.



I have several friends running in the Nashville Half Marathon and all will be wearing Team McGraw and I will be screaming my little lungs out to push them along. I may even jump in and run with a few of them.



I missed running these past several weeks. It is kinda like an old friend. You just pick up where you left off. I can't wait to be in Nashville showing my cheerleading moves to everyone. SUPER-SPIRIT CHEERLEADER here I come. Here are a few ideas:
























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And now the end is near....

Posted by Jen McDevitt Oct 26, 2008

Good 'ol Frank...he knew how to sing it. This is the final countdown and right now at this time next week I will be enjoying a much needed celebration at Foley's in the Big Apple. (Oh God, did I just jinx myself). I headed out this morning for my last big run with just a few "shorties" over the next few days. I have to be honest, I have enjoyed the extra time on the weekends since I have not had to incorporate long runs into the crazy McDevitt schedule. However, I feel as though there will be a small void in my life. What will I do now that marathon mania has ended? How am I going to spend my days off of work when Jack is at school all day? And am I going to start to be fat and lazy as the winter months keep me inside.? I guess I will have to do what any normal girl does in time of dispair....GO SHOPPING!!!


I head out on Thursday for New York City and I am looking forward to seeing everyone who is near and dear to me. I am even more excited to meet all the Team McGraw members who have kept me running this year as I have been touched by each of their amazing stories. The courage Team McGraw has and the tenacity and strength of each member has kept my feet on the road and kept me moving. I cannot wait to thank each of them personally for their incredible acheivement. 'YA GOTTA BELEIVE!!!



P.S. I did a dorky thing today. As I was running I started chanting a little "ditty" and it is going to stick in my head I think until I cross the finish line. It goes like this..."negative, negative makes me stop. I think of the positive and I won't drop" Isn't it awful??? If anyone makes fun of me watch out. I will steal your marathon shoes so you can't run Sunday. I swear I will!!!!


















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Posted by Jen McDevitt Jun 17, 2008


So I am preparing for a long run in the morning and I started thinking about what I want to do to mentally and physically get ready or it. I usually do my carb load the night before chased down with Gatorade. And I do all of the things that I am supposed to do but I started thinking...what quirky things does anyone else do? For example, I always lay out what I am going to wear. I get my iPod charged and ready to go. I make sure my contact lenses are going to go into the right eye at whatever ghastly hour.  Finally, I shave my legs (you got it easy boys!!). I crawl into bed and tell myself good thoughts about my run. I fall asleep thinking about how awesome I am going to run. When I wake up in the morning I eat my pancakes with peanut butter chased down with Gatorade. I get dressed and I walk out to my driveway. Now, my driveway is not large by any stretch of the imagination but it serves as a visual focal point that allows me to realize that I am starting here and guess what...I am finishing here and whatever happens in the middle well, that is between me and the road.






But back to the quirky things. I have spoken to many a runner and they all have a different way of "getting their groove on" It's kind of funny in a way. Here we are all doing the SAME thing yet totally different and unique. I have spoken to runners who sleep in their clothes they are going to run in. Some have to eat at exactly the same time or else their stomachs will explode (or whatever they think will happen). For me, I know that I have a set of "magic socks." I only pull them out in extreme and dire situations. These socks will almost always guarantee me a successful run so I do not abuse them and use them only when I got a case of the "kerplutters" (um...that is when my running performance is not up to par...kinda like a golfer gets the "shanks".).






And what about what about after the run? Any ritualistic things going on there?  All I can say is...HOT FUDGE SUNDAE!!!









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So you have heard of the song..."Just what makes that little ol' ant, think he can move a rubber tree plant"...(yada,yada)? Well, yesterday I was the ant and the rubber tree plant was the road. Let me start from the beginning.


I made a family decision that we were going to run the course for my up-and-coming race, Joggin for the Noggin. After many protests from the boys, I chucked them into the car with the jogging stroller - (yes, I am freakishly strong) - and demanded that we drive to the start line. We get the jogging stroller out, I plant Jack in there and yell "GO!" and we start running. What happened next will go down in family history as one of the worst runs that could possibly happen.


It starts raining, no...POURING. But we are still running. Now out of pure stubborness I will not allow us to go back. Glen just bought a new pair of shoes and he is soaking. Jack, my tough little monkey, is not only drenched but curled up in a little ball to avoid any further water damage. But we are still running. And now Jack has become some kind of brain-child because he is telling us which way to turn on the course AND he is right. (That was kind of funny.)


BUT....just like that the rain stopped, within 5 minutes, and the sun comes out. We were only 5 blocks into the adventure and all that happened. So life is good, right? WRONG! In an effort to support TEAM McGRAW, I am proudly wearing my red, COTTON Team McGraw t-shirt. (Kevin Leathers...don't say a word that I have cotton on.)


And by the way, did I mention the sun was out?  It was BLAZING out and the humidity was at about 250%.


But we are still running....then the song pops into my head and for at least 5 minutes I felt like I owned the road, master of Joggin for the Noggin, running fashionista with cotton on. Then, I tuckered out. The anxiety of ensuring my family's safety and well-being just got the best of me. In reality, it was the cotton, moisture, humidity and that stupid little ant that was in my head. We made it through the course. Glen finished first with Jack, who had fallen asleep as a defense mechanism.


And me, well, let's just say that I finished strong because I knew that next time that darn rubber tree plant was going down.

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Posted by Jen McDevitt Jun 4, 2008

Still waiting....






The great Snoopy once said..."anticipation far exceeds the actual event." (I swear he did) Right now, I am sitting here looking at my computer, hitting the REFRESH button and all that pops up is..."New York City Marathon Lottery still in progress. Please check back later." Team McGraw ( with the Tug McGraw Foundation is running New York and while I know that I am already selected for the marathon with Team McGraw, I just want to see if I had a better chance of getting hit by lightning or if I might hit the jackpot and be selected to the ING New York city Marathon.














So, while I am doing that, I am looking for travel arrangements and more importantly trying to put together a game plan for my upcoming races. Not only am I running the Chicago Marathon and New York City Marathons with Team McGraw, I have decided to venture out and host my own race. It is called Joggin for the Noggin 5k Fun/Run Walk ( So I am trying to put together a training plan that would include all three. I have never used a training program for my marathons and I am thinking that this year might be a good time to start. My only problem is that I think that my long runs will have to be on Thursday mornings between 2am and 7am (kidding). But it is kind of along that line that I realize that you have to make time to run. I guess the word make is wrong it should be WANT to run.



 is currently 9:30 (CST) no word on the lottery so....I guess I will go for a run...not because I have to but because I want to.






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That is what I read on the back of a runner's shirt as we waited in a corral to start the Nashville half marathon. In Latin, it means "don't let the ******* get you down." It was an appropriate mantra for the day. After all, it was raining and I was feeling a bit queasy about beginning the race. Actually, I was totally freaking out.


On April 26, I completed the Nashville half marathon with Team McGraw. I have to admit, I was very ill- prepared and quite frankly embarrassed that I even called myself a "runner," but I set only one expectation for myself....FINISH. Guess what...I did. I have never been that unprepared for a race and I just felt awful about it. I can sometimes call myself an overachiever and when it comes to running I get crazed like cramming last minute for a final only to ace it and promise myself I will never do that again. After running in Nashville I have made a promise to never be unprepared again. That was just plain luck that I made it. Of course, I have run races and felt absolutely horrible afterwards, but on this particular day, I felt really good. Maybe it is because I realized that there is always room for improvement. Mostly I think that it was because I had some wonderful friends running with me and since I was the only girl, I wasn't going to act like one.


It's that time of the year again. The time when the sun will rise a bit earlier and birds are either a Godsend because you want to wake up for that early run or just throw your head under the pillows to make the noise stop. Back to that early's that time of the year again. It is now time when I run out of excuses getting up early and running.


So as I was being heckled for knowing what "illegitimus non carborundum" means, I was beginning to feel like living proof that miracles can happen. Team McGraw's rally is "Ya Gotta Believe." I love it. I live it. Proud to be part of it.


Now if I could just shave one hour off of my time......

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