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Who says you have to run to do a marathon?

Posted by Jen McDevitt on Jun 24, 2009 8:21:32 PM


As I write this, I am trying to plan out how I am going to chase Glen around not only Chicago this year but New York City. It has been a huge debate. And the reason is because I am going to be carting around my little buddy, Jack , who may or may not be all that cooperative with both situations. I am fearing that if he gets a feel for how Chicago goes he may catch on to the program come November 1st in New York City.  The 4am wake up call and the random running to various spots across both cities may not be that exciting for a kid who only joy in life is to be the center of attention.



This will be the first year in 6 years that I am not participating in either marathons. And it will be a bit of a transition in that I am usually the person people are cheering for not me being the cheerleader. (see where Jack gets the center of attention thing. I is not his fault) So I have my work cut out for me....



I have to learn to be a spectator not a runner. This is a highly stressful situation and I am diving right in to training. I have to motivate, encourage, replenish, endure, sacrafice, agonize, prepare, support, dedicate, recover and succeed.  Did I mention that I am not running in the marathon because I all of a sudden feel like I am running.  So THIS is what it is like to be on the "other side"!  I do believe that I see the light!!!!!



In this role that I am participating in I have made several promises to myself. One most importantly, I will have a greater understanding and respect for the specators and volunteers who keep the runners moving. Without you, there would not be a race!! Second, I have to train myself to mentally not feel like even though I am not running I am still participating! And finally, I have to put together a pretty kick butt route so I can scream my head off and push Team McGraw on! If I am not out there running, I better be out there screaming, right?



So, in conclusion, YES I am running my own marathon. It is just not on a closed course with water stations and timing mats.And the people are not yelling at me but with me for the fabulous Team McGraw and the Tug McGraw Foundation!!












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