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Posted by Jen McDevitt on Jan 10, 2010 5:46:35 AM

No... it is not the name of a Transformer character and it is not some weird skin rash. It is the ever-dreaded injury (there is a hush in the crowd). I just started running again and my silly Adductor Magnus started reminding me that it was lingering, challenging me if you will to a duel. To review, so you all know what I am talking about, the adductor magnus muscle is the largest of the groin muscle and extends down the posterior portion of your thigh, incorporating the widely known hamstring muscle.


It seemed quite innocent. Two weeks ago, I was merely playing a game of Hot Wheels Ultimate Destroyer with Jack on the kitchen floor. After he totally destroyed me and my car went sailing to the other end of the room, I lazily reached for it, forgetting that I am getting old. That is when it happened. POW, ZING, OUCH!  I quickly went into training mode. Remembering all the things that Coach Kevin once advised me on to properly stretch this muscle. I applied the cold and the heat. I have stretched and I have rubbed. For now, I think that we both (the muscle and I that is) have a mutual understanding that we are in it for the long haul and as long as I treat it nice, it will reciprocate the offer.


We have had a long history together, good 'ol Magnus and I. Four years ago, Magnus and I met. And immediately we did not like each other. It was so bad at one point that I had to walk with my leg outward, almost appearing like a 90 year old, hunched over, limping and decrepit. Therapy ensued and I continued my training and with the occasional help of muscle relaxers (remember the movie Sixteen Candles...yup that we me!) I was able to resolve the pull and the threat that Magnus was going to make me hang up my running shoes.


Every now and then, Magnus has appeared and I have been able to arrest any immediate evil it wants to bestow onto me. But as I begin my new chapter of running I want to make sure that all my 10,000 body parts are in sync. OH Magnus, why do you plague me?


I have come across many an injury in my 7 year running career. The blisters, the chafing, the sunburn. I have fought through running in the throws of chemotherapy. I have run races three weeks after brain surgery without incident. What is it with this one blip of a muscle that wants to mess with my training and more importantly my head? I could look at it from a philosophical standpoint, or maybe Murphy''s Law, but really I believe that it is just a reminder that we are all infallible and that even the best of preparation can expose you to a potential injury. For example, after my Hot Wheels incident two weeks ago, I immediately got on the treadmill to pound out a few miles. I was checking my system out. The whole time I was running all it felt like was that my leg was going to snap and give out. Did I stop? Nope. Why? Because I needed to work through the pain. And I did. Coach Kevin always says to run smart. Listen to your body. Adjust when you need to. Being that Magnus and I have this love/hate thing going on, I adjusted and listened to the REST of my body telling me to just plow through. The rest of my body was leaping for joy because I was running again. I wasn't going to give Magnus the satisfaction of victory.


So, all I can say is this..."Hey, Magnus, want to dance??"



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