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When is enough, enough?

Posted by Jen McDevitt on Feb 7, 2010 10:54:26 AM

Alot can be said of this statement. When is enough, enough? When do you know when to stop running? When do you know when to stop stretching? When you do you know when to stop hydrating? Sure, you can read all you want about it and have the best of the best experts with their scientific opinion give concrete evidence based on body mass vs. calories...blah, blah, blah....


Seriously....when do you, as a runner, know when enough is enough?


I am going to tell you. Listen to your body. It is the only one who knows. Here is a little secret that some of you may already know about. I am as stubborn as the day is long. Glen often questions his reasoning on why he married me being that stubborness is so bad. If you tell me "no," I say, "watch me." A few months ago, I had someone dare me that I could not climb up 80 stories. me. Can I share with you that last weekend, I did that stair climb and I questioned a whole lot of myself and this stubboness act thingy I have going on. WOW was that hard. When was enough, enough? At that moment it was about the 15th floor. But I endured, as I always do. Stopping is for pansies (at least in my stubborn world, please no offense to anyone as it is directed solely at me and my mentalness). I reached to the top of those 80 floors and thought I was really, really, really out of shape. How am I going to run in a half marathon with Team McGraw in April? HOW I ASK YOU???


Coach Kevin recently posted a blog titled "Runners are Dumb". I am dumb. I know I am. And stubborn and dumb are not always the best mix .But as I prepare to embark on a year of training and ultimately cross the finish line 26.2 miles later, I have to have a firm understanding of myself and this key word, enough. Oh yeah, AND listen to your body. It is smarter than you think. So, when I headed out yesterday and clocked in 5 miles, I felt pretty good. So good that I wanted to run more. And that little ugly, out of shape man on my left shoulder said, "Come on you it!" And the beautiful, lean, lovely lady on my right shoulder said, "Enough!" I listened to her. Girls are always right.


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