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I miss my road bike

Posted by Jessie S Nov 13, 2007

It's been in the shop for over 2 weeks now.  Some part of the crank needs to be replaced, and since Cannondale loves to use proprietary components, we have to wait for the replacement from the dealer before anything can be done.  On top of that, I can't really go surfing either, unless I want to sludge around in tanker oil from the spill last week...


Speaking of which, if anyone is in the SF bay area and would like to help clean up the oil spill, go to this link:


(picture below borrowed from the Kill The Spill site above)



On an unrelated note, I took my mountain bike for a spin last week and brought along the GPS unit and camera.  I took a few pictures along the SF waterfront and across the bridge in the Marin Headlands.  Once again, it was a foggy day out:


And like last time, you can click "View Map" to see everything on a map:


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Jessie S

Jessie S

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This is my experience as a Sony brand ambassador for the GPS-CS1KA unit. I'll have the unit and my camera at races, vacations, and other events. My photos will then be uploaded and plotted on the world map for everyone to see!

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