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diving in Southeast Asia

Posted by Jessie S Jan 14, 2008

Selamat pagi!


I'm currently in a Malaysian town called Semporna, which happens to be the gateway to some of the best diving in the world, including the renowned Sipadan island.  Tomorrow is my last day of diving, and I'll be heading back to China the day after that.  Afterwards, I'll be stopping in Tokyo for several days to visit some friends and maybe do some snowboarding.  I'll finally be back in the states on the 24th, just in time for a Tahoe ski trip on the 25th.




Anyway, enough about frozen water for now.  I've been spending alot of time under the sea the last few days.  I'll be putting up some albums with GPS-tagged pictures and all, but for now, while the internet is somewhat spotty, here are a few samples.




Here is a picture of me with my awesome divemaster, after surfacing from a dive:








Here is a batfish:







a whitetip shark (it's actually much smaller than it looks, only 4-5 feet or so):







a triggerfish:









a hawkfish:








a unicornfish:








and a moorish idol.  If you've watched Finding Nemo, Gill is this type of fish:







of course, I have to include a picture of a sea turtle.  They were everywhere!  You could see at least several every dive, if not more. 







As you can see, there is quite a bit going on underneath the surface.  It's alot of fun, and you get back just in time for dinner and beers at the local bar.   Quite a nice trip.  Highly recommended for those interested in marine life. 



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Almost ready to go

Posted by Jessie S Dec 9, 2007

On Thursday, I'm supposed to get on a plane and go to Asia for six weeks.  I'll be traveling to China (where my parents are living), Thailand, Hong Kong, Bali, and Japan.  I'll definitely put up some geotagged photos from each place once I take some!


For now, it's (somewhat) crunch time.  Gotta get some work done, although I work remotely now and will continue working in Asia.  Gotta pick up my passport from the Chinese consulate, buy some presents for the family, pack... 




Anyway, look for more updates in the next few weeks.  Should be lots of fun.  Happy holidays everyone!



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