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Playing with color modes

Posted by Jessie S Dec 4, 2007

Just got done with a hectic two weeks.  First was a week in Los Angeles to visit friends and my sister for Thanksgiving.  Next was a week back in SF with some of my friends from LA coming along.  Lots of food, drink, and fun, but not much time for much else...


Anyway, at the prompting of a friend, I decided to sketch a "still life" (a.k.a. my teacup) one day.  I used to draw all the time, but it'd been years.  And hey, doodling is still fun. 




Then I decided to be extra "artsy" and take pictures of the materials associated with the sketch.  I also played around with the color modes on the DSC-W80, which was also given to me by Sony.  Here are the pictures in sepia, black and white, and color:















The graininess works decently well in sepia and black and white, but not so much in color.  I must've used a somewhat high ISO setting, since it was indoors.  I personally like the sepia photo best.



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Jessie S

Jessie S

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