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Foggy day at the beach

Posted by Jessie S Nov 6, 2007

It's getting darker and colder in the bay area.  However, that also means that winter surf is kicking in, which for me means several potential good days of surfing a week :o)


In fact, I went surfing the last three days in a row at Linda Mar in Pacifica.  It's easily accessible from where I live and has plenty of parking and showers.  Not necessarily the best or most exciting waves, but it's a decent, fun workout.  Plus the sunsets over the water are just beautiful.




I brought my camera and GPS unit along yesterday in hopes of snapping some awesome sunset shots.  Unfortunately, the sun was mostly obscured by the incoming fog.  I still took some random shots of the surf, hills, and fog, and uploaded them to Picasa, which has a "map view" of the pictures:  




And here is a screenshot of the Picasa map:







As far my opinion of the GPS-CS1KA unit, I have to say it's more useful than I thought it would be.  At first, I thought it was somewhat silly to have a GPS receiver that only took time and location stamps every 15 minutes, then required an external piece of software to match and geotag pictures with the stamps.  But hey, it definitely gets the job done, and it is pretty cool to have a geospatial context in which to reference your photos. 




I can also see lots of different ways to "hack" the GPS log files and pictures and produce some really cool stuff.  Unfortunately, Sony's Picture Motion Browser software doesn't allow you to do much with the maps... for now.  You can't save maps or manipulate them.  However, there are outside resources, such as Picasa above, that allow you to create, edit, and save album maps.  And maybe the geek in me will end up learning the Google Maps API and writing some code to do more stuff with the GPS unit... 



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Jessie S

Jessie S

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This is my experience as a Sony brand ambassador for the GPS-CS1KA unit. I'll have the unit and my camera at races, vacations, and other events. My photos will then be uploaded and plotted on the world map for everyone to see!

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